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Readers Respond: What's Your Psychology Dream Job?

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Are you interested in psychology as a career? Share your dream job in the field of psychology! What is it that makes your future job pick such an appealing career option? Express your thoughts and learn more about the career aspirations of other readers. Share Your Top Choices


I had actually hope to become a medical doctor but due to some mysterious occurrence which I can't fathom humanly led me to study Guidance and counseling in which educational psychology is part of it. Getting job out there is quite elusive but God will help.

School Psychologist

Most school psychologist services are being contracted out to healthcare staffing firms. Pay is only slightly better than teachers make if you are able to find a job. Working conditions are poor, deadlines and case loads are brutal. Get your doctorate and do private practice or take your Bachelors and teach if you want to work in K-12 schools.
?Guest Lynne

BS Psychology

I am 1 class away from being completed with my BSP and after reading the responses above I am even more scared. The possibilities seemed endless when I started this plan but now I am thinking maybe I should start on a masters. I want to work with kids this is all I know. Any suggestions...

Choose Social Work-There's More Jobs!

I graduated in May '12 with BA Psychology. I really wanted to change my major to social work my last year but at that point it didn't make sense. I couldn't find a job after graduation so I signed up for one year of service with AmeriCorps. My time is almost over and I'm back to looking for a new job which isn't any easier than last year. While searching for jobs, I found that there are more options for BA of social work than psychology. Regardless of your major though, jobs want experience working with diverse groups of people in different settings (hospital, crisis care, school,...) Its so hard to find a job without relevant experience, so for now I'm stuck with entry-level jobs. I'm applying to graduate school this fall to work on getting a Master's in Social Work. Good luck to everyone out there! If you have time in school you should make social work your major. You'll be glad you did and there's more career options.
?Guest Katie


I have hope that my B. S. degree will aid me in my future, but I am not standing on that alone. I plan to take some courses to get state licensed or certifications. I also plan to go back to school and get my masters degree. I am willing to pay the high cost as I feel it will benefit me. I also hope where every I am placed in training, that it may open a door for work.
?Guest rita

Autism Specialist/Special Educat Teacher

Though I am only in high school, it is my dream to become an autism specialist. Currently though as I am researching it yet again, it seems that I will need to do a lot of schooling here in Canada. My back up plan is to be a Special Education teacher, because I love seeing children with exceptionalities grow to their full potential. Though Special Ed teacher is not what I've always wanted, I may have to settle.... If you can help me at all or tell me your story.... write in my ask me box at: sophisticatedstars.tumblr.com Thank you so much! & Help my dream come true!
?Guest Imogen

Wish I'd Majored in Something Else

I won't say that my BA in psychology is worthless. It did allow me to get jobs as an overnight counselor in a youth residential facility, a site director for a before and after school care program, and a coordinator position with a nonprofit, which all sound pretty good but paid only between 23-27k/year. At age 18, going into college, was not really sure what I wanted as a career. If I could do it over again (which I guess I can, but I can't get back the money or the time) I would have done nursing or speech pathology or occupational therapy or physical therapy...
?Guest erica

Job Opportunities with Psychology Degree

I highly value my B Sc. Psychology--but agree that for the one that intends to work in the field of counseling or social services and be paid fairly while using your skills and potential, plan on going straight into your Master's curriculum no matter how bad you want to pause after you graduate. Or, pursue a Bachelors in Social Work. I have been shocked to find that it is true that there is an immediate opportunity for field work for those individuals with a degree in social work! The system is built this way, and the government likes to hire social workers who get to do the things we Psych majors want to be doing (although it may be less "private" practice oriented and more low socio-economic demographic)... whatever the case, they get to use their degree. I am a board certified holistic health counselor who continued my human behavior training in the field of holistic wellness with an emphasis on psychospiritual coaching. I am launching a private wellness coaching practice.
?Guest Leigh

better off with a Therapeutic Rec or BSW

A BA or BS in psychology is pretty much useless in building a career unless you want some entry level stagnant position. The APA and the State Psych boards put a very low ceiling on what a person can do with a BA/BS in psych. Better off getting a BS in Recreation or a BSW. That way you can get a better paying job and more opportunities for career growth. The only way a BS in psych is useful is to continue on to a Master's or the teaching profession in high school. I wouldn't waste my time on a BA/BS in Psych. Go for a BSW. At least their boards consider them professionals.
?Guest not worth it

Psych Degree

I received my BA in psychology in 1991. I delivered pizza for a year, managed a movie theatre, worked in interactive TV sports, became a programmer, now am in Quality Assurance for software. I am sure this is no help to anyone but thought I would share the randomness which Psych degrees can lead to. My dream job would have been a counselor if I pursued that path, but, you end up counseling people along the way without realizing it.
?Guest Rob

Counselling Psychologist

My mother is a counsellor and shes always pushing me to think of how far I can go then imagine myself going farther than that. So that's why it is my dream is to get my doctorate in counselling psychology; because my mother influenced me. I'm only a teenager and I'm very excited!
?Guest TaRi :)

Hospice Counceling

I will have my BS in Psychology in July with a minor in Health Care Administration. I am not sure how I will use it but would like to work with Hospice patients and their families. I also have a certificate in Grief Counceling and an associate degree in Nursing.
?Guest jr


Friends and other people everywhere are down. They need lifting because every day they face rejection, harassment, denial e.t.c. So its' my joy to see myself being a source of help to these people. After all, I enjoy encouraging others. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
?Guest peter kihia wambui

Psych hospital

I work at an inpatient psych hospital and LPNs (1.5 yrs college edu) are working in the same setting and doing roughly the same job as me are making about the same amount of money... If not more, but I have $50000 in loans and their community college has been paid off for yrs... We also have RNs that are making way more than us...
?Guest Sara

counseling pyshologist

I am currently employed at the veterans hospital in ct. Naturally the vets are drawn to me and feel comfortable talking to me.. so that's my dream job is to counsel the vets because they need someone to talk to and that's willing to listen and help them..and that person is me....
?Guest dayshan

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What's Your Psychology Dream Job?

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