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Readers Respond: What's Your Psychology Dream Job?

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Don't do it!

I received my BA in PSY about 10 years ago. It is worthless. I went back and got my teaching degree which you can get in about 6 months with a BA.
?Guest unemployed

Non-profit Clinic

I'm an undergrad and psych major. After undergrad I'm going to pursue lab work then my doctorate. My dream job is to someday open a non-profit clinic to help provide low cost or free help/therapy to low income communities. Coming from a low SES background, I know the importance of having such a center will help troubled children and adults.
?Guest Mary

Industrial organisational psychology

I am from Nigeria, in my country psychology is not well known. But wish to make a difference. I believe i will make it.
?Guest Disun

Psychology Careers

Don't be so negative psychology jobs. There are so many opportunities out there, you just have to be willing to look for them. There's a high demand for shrinks everywhere. One piece of advice: don't stop at the bachelor's degree level. Get a doctorate and don't forget to attend workshops, seminars and to do small courses. If possible, have more than one degree or at least branch out into multiple specialty areas.
?Guest merris

Just a BA?

If you're going to get a degree in Psychology, then don't stop there! Keep going because you won't get paid much more than minimum wage with a BA in Psychology, sadly. I've been working for 6 years now and my pay has never gone up because I was hired as a substitute teaching assistant. I can't use anything I've learned in school because the teachers call all the shots. If you offer any suggestions they ignore you or tell you are wrong. It's frustrating after borrowing $50000 for a degree you can't even use. I feel like my brain is slowly dying :(
?Guest amanda

Forensic Psychologist

I've an Associate degree in Psychology and going get my Bachelors in forensic psychology. I love this side of the science because it will be in so much demand in the next years, besides that, it is a very interesting career!
?Guest Vicky

School Counseling

I'm in my third year of college and I'm am majoring in psychology. Once I earn my bachelor's degree, I plan to enroll in a counseling program in order to earn my master's degree in school counseling. My own high school counselor had a big influence on my decision to pursue this career. He was always really helpful and encouraging to all students, no matter what their goals were, and he helped me a lot with my college and scholarship applications. I'd love to be able to help other kids achieve their goals like that!
?Guest Jennifer


I completed Bsc Psy a year ago. I have a strong desire to build my career in clinical psychology. I know one day I will achieve my desire of being a clinical psychologist.
?Guest winifred

The truth

Be prepared to compete with others with four year degrees for jobs that range from $9-12hr, that are listed as needing only 2-3 years exp and a high school diploma. Expect to be working in a building that wants to do right by it's clients but knows that their insurance just won't cover the treatment they need, and the state is cutting back on your budget yet again. If you don't plan on a masters degree, then plan on wasting four years in college on a worthless degree. Don't be fooled by those that may have gotten lucky, or just happened to land that one perfect job. There are more psych majors than jobs because it is so popular. Companies don't have to pay us well, and can't even if they wanted to. Jobs all want 2-3 years of experience even if you have a degree.
?Guest behavioral youth care worker


I will graduate in ten months with a BS in psychology. I plan to use this degree as a stepping stone to become a teacher. Once I receive my degree, I will start on my Master's in Education degree. I want to teach on an American Indian Reservation. I respect their culture and do not want to see their culture absorbed into the "white man's" culture.
?Guest lythari22

School Psychologist

Be prepared for administrative duties and dealing with MEAP testing and SATs and things. Talking with students solely about their academic issues, and barely anything abut their personal issues; refferring them to a clinical psych. Theres no time to deal with anything else but what classes they need to take, and preparing for the testing. So if this sounds enjoyable, then its a great choice. Otherwise, think of something else.
?Guest Christine

School Psychologist

I've just started on my bachelor's degree in psychology, but I'm really interested in someday becoming a school psychologist. It seems like an interesting career choice, plus I really enjoy working with kids. Things may change the further along I get in my education, but for now a career as a school psychologist seems like the best fit for me.
?Guest Ellie

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What's Your Psychology Dream Job?

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