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Color Psychology ofWhite


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Color Psychology ofWhite
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While white has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color white can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color white that readers have shared.

Reader Responses to White

?White makes me feel cold, scared. In Asian countries, white colour symbolizes death, unhappiness .That why in the funerals in my country, people wear white clothes, head bands and the altar is also in white colour to express the sorrow for the death people. So in the wedding ceremonies, lunar New Year people avoid white clothes.

White makes me feel cold, alone, exposed.

I like white and to be very honest. It depends, I go for light colors. Light blue, light pink (is somewhat favorite) but white I like.

The color white makes me feel clean and fresh as a new born baby.

Why white? Because is the essence of all colors. Sunlight is white until it creates the rainbow, which is remarkable.

White is my favorite colour. It symbolizes purity, cleanliness, truth, calmness. It makes me feel very fresh. Whenever I wear white, I feel very confident.

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How does white make you feel? Do you associate white with certain qualities or situations?

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