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Color Psychology ofBrown


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Color Psychology ofBrown
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While brown has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color brown can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color brown that readers have shared.

Reader Responses to Brown

Brown is a color that oozes security. It symbolizes HOME, contentment and peace and quietness. The browns are colors of good furniture and favorable smells thus imparting happiness. I feel confident when wearing browns.

The earth, immovable, nurturing, mother, infinity, perfect.[br[ --Linda

Brown makes me feel earthy, and practical.

Earthy color - sense of being planted, grounded; thus, comfort of home.

Brown is a strong foundation. It is a peaceful color.

Honestly, brown makes me think about feces. Kids also make that same association. Whenever they are eating chocolate pudding they always comment "I'm eating poop". But as a clothing color, I think it compliments my blond hair.

Share Your Reactions

How does brown make you feel? Do you associate brown with certain qualities or situations? Share your responses.

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Kendra Cherry

Kendra Cherry
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