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Nearly every introductory psychology class starts off with a brief introduction to research and experimental methods. If you're a psychology major, you will probably need to design, analyze or conduct a research project or experiment at some point in your academic career. Learn more about psychology research methods, explore some of the most famous psychology experiments and discover ideas for your own research projects.
  1. Famous Psychology Experiments
  2. Psychology Experiment Ideas
  3. Psychology Research Methods
  4. Types of Research Used in Psychology
  5. Recent Psychology Experiments & Research

Famous Psychology Experiments

Famous Psychology Experiments

Psychology is filled with famous examples of fascinating and even down-right odd experiments. Learn more about some of the classic studies and experiments in psychology.

Psychology Experiment Ideas

Psychology Experiment Ideas

Do you need to perform your own psychology experiment for a class? Here are just a few great ideas for designing and implementing your own psychology study or experiment.

Psychology Research Methods

Psychology Research Methods

In order to perform a psychology experiment and understand your results, it is important know about the basic research methods used in psychology. Learn some of the research terms and put your knowledge to the test.

Types of Research Used in Psychology

Types of Research in Psychology

Before you perform your experiment, start by deciding exactly how you will carry out the research. Will you survey your participants, or will you observe them in their natural environment? Learn more about some of the basic types of research used in psychology before you decide which method is appropriate for your own experiment.

Recent Psychology Experiments & Research

Psychology Experiments and Research

Another great way to learn about psychology research and experiments is to check out some of the most recent studies published in the news. This is a great way to get a better grasp on how researchers go about performing an experiment and to find ideas for your own psychology research.

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