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Psychology Research Methods

Learn more about research methods, experimental design, and statistical analysis.
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Introduction to Research Methods
Psychology experiments can range from simple to complex, but there are some basic terms and concepts that all students of psychology should understand. Learn more about types of research, basic experimental design, and relationships between variables.

How to Conduct a Psychology Experiment
Conducting your first psychology experiment can be a long, complicated and intimidating process. It can be especially confusing if you are not quite sure where to begin or which steps to take. Learn more about how to conduct a psychology experiment.

What Is Experimental Psychology?
Experimental psychology is an area of psychology that utilizes scientific methods to research the mind and behavior. Learn more about the history of experimental psychology and what experimental psychologists do...

What Is a Variable?
A variable is something that can be changed, such as a characteristic or value. Variables are generally used in psychology experiments to determine if changes to one variable result in changes to another variable.

What Is Reliability?
Reliability is a vital component of a valid psychological test. What is reliability? How do we measure it? Learn more about reliability in psychology tests.

What Is Validity?
When determining the merits of a psychological test, validity is one of the most important factors to consider. What is validity? How do we measure it? Learn the answers to these questions and more.

Psychology Research Terms
Psychology research methods can be relatively simple or very complex, but there are a number of terms and concepts that all psychology students should understand. Check out the following list of the top psychology research method terms you need to know.

Psychology Research Methods Quiz
Most introductory courses in psychology will spend some time covering basic research methods. Topics such as the different types of research studies, basic statistics and the scientific method are important for a solid understanding of psychological study. How well do you understand psychology research methods? Test your knowledge in this research methods quiz.

How Do I Identify and Calculate the Mean, Median or Mode?
Do you know how to identify the mean, median or mode? Learn more about how these terms are defined as well as how to calculate the mean, median or mode.

Psychology Fair Project Ideas
Are you participating in your first psychology science fair? One of the first things you need to do is come up with an idea for your presentation. If you've ever wondered about a specific aspect of human behavior, now is a great time to start researching that question. If you're still stumped on what to do, explore some of these psychology...

Steps of the Scientific Method
Psychologists and other researchers use the scientific method to conduct studies and research in psychology. The basic process for conducting psychology research involves asking a question, designing a study, collecting data, analyzing results, reaching conclusions and sharing the findings. Learn more about each step of psychology research in...

Form a Hypothesis
The first step of the scientific method is to form a hypothesis. Learn more about how to develop a testable hypothesis.

Data Collection
The second step of the scientific method involves designing an experiment and collecting data.

Drawing Conclusions
This step of the scientific method involves examining the data that has been collected and drawing conclusions.

Reporting the Results
The final step of the scientific method is to report the results of the study. Learn more about the different ways that researchers share their findings.

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