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Psychotherapy Basics

Learn more about some of the basics of psychotherapy.

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Psychotherapy makes up a large part of psychology. Whether you are looking for information on treatment or interested in a career as a therapist, it is important to understand how psychotherapy works, how it is used, and who can perform it. Be sure to check out the following resources to learn more about the many types of therapy, the various kinds of therapy providers, and much more.

What is the DSM?:

Published by the American Psychiatric Association, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual attempts to classify mental disorders according to symptoms and is used by mental health professionals to determine what does and does not constitute a psychological illness. The manual has gone through several major revisions over the years, with the DSM-IV-TR being the version now in use. The manual is currently undergoing revision and the the DSM-V is planned for publication in May of 2013. You can learn more about the DSM and how mental illnesses are categorized in the following article: What is the DSM?

Types of Therapy:

Psychotherapy is hardly a one-size-fits-all process. There are a number of different types of therapy that are best suited for various mental disorders, coping problems, and other psychological conditions. Group therapy, art therapy, behavioral therapy, and psychoanalytic therapy are just a few different approaches. Learn more about some of the major types, how they differ, and when they are most effective: Types of Therapy

Psychotherapy Providers:

The people who provide psychotherapy come from a variety of backgrounds and hold a number of different titles. Psychologists and psychiatrists must meet specific state and national licensing requirements, but the specific training and testing needed to practice can vary. If you are thinking of becoming a therapist or if you are interested in seeing a therapist, it is important to understand the differences between these providers: Who Can Provide Psychotherapy?

Psychologists vs. Psychiatrists:

While you might hear these two titles used interchangeably at times, they are actually quite different. Both professionals provide mental health services, but come from different educational backgrounds. What is the difference between these two professional practitioners? Discover how these professionals differ in terms of education, training, and practice in the following article: Differences Between Psychologists and Psychiatrists

E-Therapy and Online Psychology:

In an increasingly digitally connected world, it might come as no surprise that even psychotherapy has gone online. Online therapy, sometimes known as e-therapy, utilized the Internet, Email, video conferencing, and online chats as a medium to provide mental health treatment to clients. Does e-therapy work? What are some of the special concerns in e-therapy and online psychology? You can learn more about this emerging trend in psychology in the following: Guide to E-Therapy and Online Psychology

Mental Disorders:

If you are interested in a career in psychotherapy, you should begin learning about some of the different mental disorders that you may encounter during your education and professional career. You can find more information about the symptoms and treatments of various mental disorders in the following: Mental Disorders

Crisis Counseling:

Crisis counseling is a specific type of therapy designed to aid clients who are experiencing some type of crisis. Unfortunately, many therapists last specific training in crisis counseling. If you are interested in this type of work, the following resources may be helpful: Crisis Counseling
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