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Psychotherapy is a general term used to describe the process of treating mental illness. Learn more about the various types of psychotherapy, the effectiveness of treatment and the different professionals who provide psychotherapy services.
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What Is Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is a general term that is used to describe the process of treating psychological disorders and mental distress. Learn more about how psychotherapy works, its history and how it is used today.

Who Can Provide Psychotherapy?
Providers of psychotherapy and other mental health services may hold a number of titles, credentials, or licensures. Some job titles such as “Psychologist” and “Psychiatrist” require the individual to meet specific state and national requirements. Learn more about the qualifications and training required for different types of therapy providers.

What Is a Psychological Disorder?
What exactly is a psychological disorder? How is a psychological disorder diagnosed? Learn more about how clinicians define and classify mental disorders and discover how many people are impacted by such disorders every year.

A List of Psychological Disorders
Psychological disorders, also known as mental disorders, are patterns of behavioral or psychological symptoms that create distress and impact many different areas of a person's life. Learn more about the different types of psychological disorders.

How to Become a Therapist
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a therapist? Learn more about the steps you should take in order to achieve your goal.

What’s the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
What is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrists? Discover how these professional differ in terms of education, training, and practice.

What is the DSM?
Published by the American Psychiatric Association, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual attempts to classify mental disorders according to symptoms and is used by clinicians and psychiatrists to determine what does and does not constitute a psychological illness. Learn more about the DSM and how mental illnesses are categorized.

Psychotherapy - Information and Resources
Whether you are a student interested in becoming a therapist or a consumer looking for treatment information, understanding different aspects of psychotherapy can help. Learn more about psychotherapy, types of psychotherapy, the effectiveness of therapy, and different types of therapy providers.

Guide to Psychology and Its Practice
A great introduction to clinical psychology and psychotherapy, with many questions and answers about the therapy process. Includes information on clinical issues, personality, stress management, and self-help.

Can Psychologists Prescribe Medications?
Psychologists provide a wide range of mental health services, but is prescribing medications one of them? Learn more about recent efforts to expand prescribing powers for psychologists.

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