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Psychology Quizzes - Personality and Academic Quizzes

So you think you know a lot about psychology? Put your knowledge to the test in this collection of academic quizzes or learn more about yourself with our fun personality tests.
  1. Academic Psychology Quizzes (13)
  2. Personality Quizzes (6)

Psychology Quizzes
Do you want to put your knowledge of psychology to the test? Or are you interested in learning more about your personality? Test yourself with our selection of academic and personality quizzes.

Psychology Career Quiz
If you are thinking of pursuing a psychology career, start by taking this quick 10-question quiz to discover which career areas might be the best match for your interests.

Leadership Style Quiz
How would you describe your leadership style? Take this quiz to discover which of the three major leadership styles best describes how you lead.

Psychosocial Development Quiz
How much do you know about the eight stages of human development described by Erik Erikson? Put your knowledge to the test in this psychosocial development quiz.

Multiple Intelligences Quiz
Have you ever wondered what type of intelligence you have? Take this ten-question quiz to discover which of the multiple intelligences best describes you and your abilities.

Quiz - Should I Major in Psychology?
Should you major in psychology? Take this quick quiz to discover if this popular college major is the right choice for you.

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