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Do you need help understanding some of the different theories of psychology? The following free exclusive videos highlight some of these key theories. Be sure to check out the videos for more information and to read the accompanying articles that are linked below. Don't forget to bookmark this page. I'll be adding more videos to this index whenever new ones are added to the site. Happy viewing!

Also be sure to visit our section on psychology theories for more articles and information.

Overview of the Trait Theory of Personality

This video explores Gordon Allport's trait approach to personality. Watch the video to learn more about this approach to understanding human personality.

What Is Psychosexual Development?

Sigmund Freud's theory suggests that children move through a series of psychosexual stages, in which the libidinal energy becomes focuses on different zones. The theory is well-known, but controversial. Get a brief overview of the theory in this video.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

The hierarchy of needs is often depicted as a pyramid. The most basic needs, such as those for food and water, are at the base of the pyramid. More advanced needs, such as the need for self-fulfillment, are located at the peak. Learn more about each level of the hierarchy and some of the useful applications for the theory in this video.

Four Parenting Styles

Diana Baumrind and other researchers have suggested that there are four major styles of parenting. Each style has its own unique characteristics and has its own distinctive impact on children. This overview offers more information about each of the four styles.

Overview of Social Learning Theory

Psychologist Albert Bandura suggested that observation and modeling play and important role in how children learn. Learn more about the theory and take a look at some real-world examples in this video.

Erikson's Theory of Psychosocial Development

Erik Erikson believed that we move through a series of stages as we progress through life. At each state, we face a conflict that can be a major turning point in development. Learn more about the eight stages he described in this brief overview.

Overview of Operant Conditioning

Operant conditioning is a major theory of behavioral learning that involves forming associations between actions and consequences for those actions. These associations are developed through the use of rewards and punishments. Learn more in this video that details important concepts including negative reinforcement, positive reinforcement and extinction.

Like vs. Love Theory

Zick Rubin's theory of like versus love and developed a questionnaire designed to identify these different types of relationships. Learn more about some of the questions in his scale and three components that he believed make up romantic love.

Compassionate vs. Passionate Love

Another famous theory is Elaine Hatfield's compassionate vs. passionate love theory. Discover some of the major differences between these two types of love in this brief overview.

What Are the Five Dimensions of Personality?

The big five dimensions of personality is one of the best known trait theories. This video offers a quick look at each of these five dimensions.
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