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Personality Psychology

Learn more about personality, how it develops, and how it influences our behavior. Read about the major theories of personality development.
  1. Theories of Personality (57)
  2. Personality Disorders (11)
  3. Personality Testing (4)

What Is Personality?
Learn how psychologists define personality and how it influences our behavior and actions.

10 Fascinating Facts About Personality
Personality makes us who we are, but what factors influence our personality? Can we change our personalities, or do our overall traits remain constant throughout life? Learn more about what researchers have learned in these ten fascinating facts about personality.

What Is Personality Psychology?
Personality psychology looks at the patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior that make a person unique. Learn more about theories and research in personality psychology.

How Does Personality Develop?
Personality development has drawn the interest of some of psychology's most prominent thinkers. Learn more about some of the major theories of personality development.

Personality Psychology Study Guide
Personality psychology seeks to understand and describe the development of personality. This study guide offers an overview, timeline, theories, important figures, and study questions about personality.

Music and Personality
What does your musical taste reveal about your personality? Researchers have found that people who like certain musical styles often exhibit specific personality characteristics.

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