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Northeast U.S. Undergraduate Programs in Psychology

A listing of schools that offer undergraduate programs in psychology located in the Northeastern U.S. Find more information on a number of undergraduate programs at various colleges and universities.
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Southern Connecticut State University

The psychology department offers undergraduate degrees in three different specialty areas: psychology, mental health, or research. The degree is also intended to prepare students for graduate study in psychology.

University of Maryland

US News and World Report has ranked the University of Maryland as one of the top 25 research universities. The undergraduate program in psychology has a strong emphasis on research methods and preparation for graduate study.

University of Southern Maine

The psycholoy degree at the University of Southern Maine provides students with a good background in psychological theories and methods. The department also offers a peer mentoring program, where upper-level students serve as advisors to first year students.

Syracuse University

The psychology program at Syracuse University provides a good background in the subject as well as preparation for graduate school. Students can participate in research opportunties and internships.

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