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Lesson Six: Human Memory

Understanding How Memory Works

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Lesson Six: Human Memory
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Welcome to lesson six of the Introduction to Psychology online course! Over the course of the last five lessons, you have learned about the basics of psychology including research methods, the brain and behavior and states of consciousness. In this lesson, you will learn more about memory and forgetting.

Human memory involves the ability to both preserve and recover information we have learned or experienced. As we all know, however, this is definitely not a flawless process. This lesson focuses on how memories are created, stored and retrieved. We'll also look at some of the most common reasons why memory sometimes fails.

Syllabus for this week:

  • What is memory?
  • Memory retrieval
  • Forgetting
  • Why we forget?
  • Tips for improving memory

Click the links below to read the articles and resources related to each topic in this lesson. Remember, there's no homework. Each of the lessons in this series are 100 percent self-directed, which means that it is up to you to read the article below and learn the information. Good luck with today's lesson!

Memory Basics

Memory is a complex process that involves acquiring, storing and recalling information. Learn more about what memory is, how it works and how it is organized in this basic overview of memory.

Using Memory

In order to use the information that has been encoded into memory, it first has to be retrieved. There are many factors that can influence how memories are retrieved such as the type of information being used and the retrieval cues that are present. Discover the basics of memory retrieval as well as possible problems with this process in this overview of how memories are retrieved.

When Memory Fails

Forgetting is a surprisingly common event. It can happen for a number of reasons including a failure to retrieve the information from long-term memory. Learn more about why this happens and discover some of the research into how and why memory fails.

Why We Forget

Why do we forget information we have learned in the past? There are four basic explanations for why forgetting occurs: retrieval failure, interference, failure to store and motivated forgetting. Learn more about these reasons why we forget.

Boosting Memory

No matter how great your memory is, there are probably a few things you can do to make it even better. Cognitive psychologists have discovered a number of techniques to help improve memory. Learn more about some of these strategies and how you can apply these tips for improving your memory.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations, completed lesson six! The goal of this lesson is to provide you with a basic understanding of how human memory works. By learning about the basics, you will be better prepared to learn about the subject in greater depth.

Once you feel that you have properly studied and fully understand the material included in this lesson, feel free to move on to lesson seven. However, if you are still struggling with any of the concepts in this lesson, spend a few days studying and reviewing the material before you continue on to the next lesson in the series.

Do you feel like you need some extra study help? Then be sure to check out these helpful articles on psychology study tips and how to to take great psychology notes.

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