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While psychology is rooted in ancient philosophy and physiology, it was not until Wilhelm Wundt founded the first psychology lab in the late 1800s that psychology officially emerged as a separate and distinct discipline. Explore the links below to learn more about psychology's rich past and the people that have helped make psychology what it is today.
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  2. Schools of Thought
  3. Profiles of Major Thinkers
  4. Women in Psychology

Psychology History 101

In order to understand where we are going, it sometimes helps to take a look at where we have been. While psychology is a relatively young discipline, it has a rich and colorful history. With iconic figures like Sigmund Freud and B.F. Skinner, studying the history of psychology provides an intriguing glimpse into the minds of some of the preeminent thinkers of the past century.

Schools of Thought

From structuralism to cognitivism, numerous schools of thought have emerged throughout psychology's history. Many of these theoretical outlooks have dominated the field at certain points in time. Learn more about some of the major schools of thought in psychology in the following articles and resources.

Profiles of Major Thinkers

Throughout psychology's history, a number of famous thinkers have influenced how we think about the human mind and behavior. From the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud to the behaviorism of B.F. Skinner, it is important to understand these individuals and the contributions they made to psychology.

Women in Psychology

The contributions of women psychologists have often been overlooked throughout psychology's history. Learn more about the lives, careers, and theories of some of the best known women in psychology.

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