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History of Psychology

Learn more about the history of psychology by looking at the background on the major thinkers in psychology history and their major theories. Read more about significant figures in psychology history such as Freud, Jung, Piaget and others to discover how their theories shaped the field of psychology.
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The Origins of Psychology
While psychology has its roots in ancient philosophy, it wasn't until the 1879 founding of the first psychology lab that the discipline emerged as a science separate from philosophy and physiology. Learn more in this brief history of psychology.

10 Most Influential Psychologists
The breadth and diversity of psychology can be seen by looking as some of its best known thinkers. While each theorist may have been part of an overriding school of thought, each brought a unique and individual voice and perspective to the field of psychology. A study that appeared in the July 2002 issue of the Review of General Psychology...

Pictures of Famous Psychologists
These pictures show some of the most famous psychologists or other great thinkers who contributed to psychology.

Who Founded the First Psychology Lab?
Who founded the first experimental psychology lab? Learn more about who created the world's first psychology lab as well as who founded the first American psychology lab.

Famous Psychologists
Throughout psychology's relatively brief history, there have been many famous psychologists who have left their mark both on psychology and on the world at large. While some of these individuals do not necessarily fit today's definition of a 'psychologist', a term which indicates a doctoral-level degree in psychology, their influence on...

Who Is the Most Influential Psychologist?
Who is your pick for the most influential psychologist? Give your answer and describe your reasons why here.

Who Am I? - Famous Psychologists Quiz
Test your knowledge of psychology history in this famous psychologist quiz.

Timeline of Modern Psychology
While the roots of psychology can be traced back to early Greek thought, psychology did not become a separate field until the 1870's. This chronology traces important events in psychology's history.

History of Forensic Psychology
Learn more about some of the major events and key figures in the history of forensic psychology.

Who Is the Father of Psychology?
Who is the father of psychology? Learn more about the man who is considered the founder of modern psychology as well as other famous figures who have made major contributions to specific sub-fields.

What Is Phrenology?
Phrenology was a pseudoscience that linked bumps on a person's head to certain aspects of the individual's personality and character. Learn more about the history of phrenology in this brief overview.

Electroconvulsive Therapy
Electroconvulsive therapy is a treatment that involves inducing seizures while a patient is under anesthesia. While ECT remains controversial, it is still used today in the treatment of depression, mania, and some other disorders.

Phineas Gage
Phineas Gage suffered a terrible injury that made him one of the most famous cases of traumatic brain injury. Learn more about his incredible story.

Phineas Gage Images
Take a closer look at the famous story of Phineas Gage in this illustrated look at his life.

Deprived of almost all human contact until the age of 13, Genie posed an interested question: Could a child learn language after the critical period was over?

APA Monitor: A Century of Psychology
In this special section presented by the APA Monitor, explore more than a century of events, theories, and development in the field of psychology. This feature is a great introduction to the history of psychology, with coverage of many topics including experimental psychology, behaviorism, social psychology, and clinical psychology.

Classics In the History of Psychology
A searchable database of classic and historical articles and research in psychology. Find papers written by major figures in psychology including Sigmund Freud, Albert Bandura, William James, and many more.

An Example of a Phrenology Head
Phrenology heads were used by phrenologists to perform "skull readings" that supposedly revealed information about a person's character and tendencies. Check out this interesting example of a phrenology head to learn more.

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