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Online Therapy - A Guide to Online Therapy

Online therapy, or e-therapy, refers to mental health treatment delivered over the Internet. Learn more about ethical and legal issues in online therapy, the qualifications of online therapists and the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy.

What Is Online Therapy?
Online therapy allows clients and therapists to engage in psychotherapy over the Internet. Learn more about the history and modern uses of online therapy.

Confidentiality in Online Therapy
Protecting the confidentiality of clients is an important concern in online therapy. Learn more about steps you can take to ensure your personal information remains confidential.

Is Online Therapy Right For You?
While online therapy is a good option for some individuals, it is not appropriate for everyone. Learn more about who can benefit from online therapy and who should seek traditional treatment options.

Qualifications of Online Therapists
Consumers of online mental health need to know the qualifications of online therapists. Learn more about how you can be certain your online therapist is qualified to provide mental health treatment.

Ethical and Legal Issues in Online Therapy
Ethical and legal issues in therapy become more complex when treatment occurs online. Learn more about the ethical and legal concerns of online therapy and find links to ethical guidelines.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Therapy
While e-therapy has a number of advantages, there are also many drawbacks. Learn more about the pros and cons of online therapy.

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