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Ethical Issues

Find information on ethical issues faced by treatment providers and researchers and well as facts concerning laws and historic cases in psychology.
  1. Ethics Codes and Guidelines (10)

Key Components of Ethical Research in Psychology
When conducting psychology research, there are several important standards that must be observed in order to protect study participants. Learn more about these factors and how they impact ethics in psychology.

Ethical Principles of Psychologists
American Psychological Association (APA) offers useful information on ethics in both research and therapy, as well as an ethics code of conduct. Also find information on the ethical care and use of animals in research.

Research With Animals in Psychology
While a great deal of psychology research uses human participants, animal research continues to be important in psycholoy. Read more about ethical guidelines in animal research in this guide from the American Psychological Association.

The Stanford Prison Experiment
In the summer of 1971, researchers at Stanford conducted a simulation of prison life and the results were astounding. Learn more about Philip Zimbardo's classic study. Consider the ethical implications of the experiment and its outcome.

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