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Learning Styles Based on Jung's Theory of Personality

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Perceiving Learning Style
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Perceiving learners tend to be curious and enjoy working on many projects at once.

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What Is a Perceiving Learning Style?

Perceiving learners tend to make decisions impulsively in response to new information and changing situations. However, these learners tend to focus more on indulging their curiosity rather than making decisions. Unlike judging learners who tend not to change their minds, perceiving learners prefer to keep their options open. If you tend to start many projects at once (often without finishing any of them), avoid strict schedules, and jump in to projects first without planning, you might be a perceiving learner.

Number of Perceiving Learners

Approximately 55% of people are perceiving learners.

Characteristics of Perceiving Learners

  • Often make impulsive decisions
  • Change decisions based on new information
  • Dislike structure and organization
  • Tends to be very flexible and adaptable
  • Sometimes has trouble making decisions
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