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Learning Styles Based on Jung's Theory of Personality

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Extraverted Learning Style
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People with an extroverted learning style prefer collaborating with others.

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What Is an Extraverted Learning Style?

The first component of the Jungian learning style dimensions indicates how learners interact with the outside world. Extraverted learners enjoy generating energy and ideas from other people. They prefer socializing and working in groups. Learning activities that benefit extraverted learners include teaching others how to solve a problem, collaborative/group work, and problem-based learning. If you enjoy teaching others, participating in a group and learning by experience, you are probably an extraverted learner.

Number of Extraverted Learners

Approximately 60% of learners are extraverted learners.

Characteristics of Extravert Learners

  • Learns best through direct experience
  • Enjoys working with others in groups
  • Often gathers ideas from outside sources
  • Willing to lead, participate and offer opinions
  • Jumps right in without guidance from others
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