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Van Gogh said that yellow was a color that could even charm God. Though I don't think yellow looks that good on me, I do have a shade of yellow that I will wear regardless. Bright yellow is gaudy, I think, so it doesn't figure in to anything I surround myself with. In my home, I have a pale yellow living room, a pink and yellow powder room, delft blue and yellow guest bedroom, and a pale green and yellow master bedroom. By and large, I don't believe color theory holds much water, but who knows. Whatabout that purple cow...?

I feel happy when in a yellow room. I love to wear certain shades of yellow. I don't like lemon yellow or those with a greenish tint. I like pale creamy yellow the best; but I also like the golden tones, if not school bus yellow.

Yellow is my smiley color. It is spring and summer and autumn. It is daffodils and sunflowers and autumn leaves.

I prefer yellow because of its intensity. Paired with notes of blue, it reminds me of sun and warmth and vibrance as opposed to shade and wet coolness. I feel alive and stimulated. Paired with black it speaks of danger and attention, which is exciting to me. Animals use this code (black and yellow) to denote poison. Paired with white it becomes more spiritual, or perhaps healthy. I can think of white and yellow in a kitchen, or in a spa, a place of meditation, or any place of clean, wholesome goodness.

Yellow makes me feel alive. I love taking a walk when it rains, the darker and gloomier the day is, the brighter yellow flowers,street light glare, and lines on the road look. Yellow reminds me of dandelions, they always make me feel loved when I receive them, they are always given with the purest of intentions, usually by someone with a chubby little hand.

Yellow makes me feel Warm, Exuberant, happy, close to Divinity.

I associate yellow with warmth, happiness, cheerfulness, invigorating, activity, fun, peppy and perky. Sitting in a beautiful garden in the warm sunshine and enjoying all of GOD's creations. Butterflies, bees, birds etc.

I find yellow to be a highly irratating color. When I'm in a yellow room, my agitation level increases wether I was in a good mood before I walked in it or not. One reason I believe I find it so annoying is that I'm an introvert and yellow is a very exposing and in your face type of color which are traits most introverts would naturally have an aversion to. Yellow is definetly an extroverts color.

Yellow is HELLO!, joy, laughter, daytime, heat, alert, beautiful, dancing, babies.

Happy, lively, energetic and positive.

Yellow makes me feel confused.

Yellow makes me feel happy. It stimulates me to learn and enjoy what I am doing. I painted my room years ago when I was a teenager, and I must admit it was the wisest move I did, all of my grades improved 100 percent. I would wake up in the morning with a cheery disposition and a lot of energy. I owe it all to the color yellow.

Yellow is a beautiful colour, it makes me think of relaxing on a sandy beach on a really sunny day, listening to Bob Marley! But a lot of yellow makes me wretch. I don't like yellow rooms at all.

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