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Color Psychology ofYellow


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Color Psychology ofYellow
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While yellow has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color yellow can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color yellow that readers have shared.

Reader Responses to Yellow

Yellow makes me feel cheerful and energized. I love the bright sunny colour and the way it makes me feel. I feel warm like summer. Perhaps sometimes startling, but then that is what energizes me.

Yellow makes me feel uncertain, safe and exposed at the same time.

I don't know how other people feel about yellow but to me yellow is my favourite colour . It makes me feel happy, comfort, energetic and more conscious every time I feel tired, sleepy . It's very helpful in the exams: I always use yellow note-sticks/highlighter for my study.

Yellow makes me feel "sunny" or happy, bright and cheerful.

I hate yellow and orange. The yellow is worse. When I see it, I get this queasy feeling then I get really agitated. Orange is not quite as bad but I still hate it.

I associate yellow with spring and youth.

Yellow for me give me a great boost. It lifts my spirits and brighten my day.

A yellow room is joyful.

Yellow made me feel full of life. I associate yellow with the gate to heaven.

The colour yellow exudes brightness, light, vitality, energy, optimism, willingness to grow and outshine. Sun stars sunflower are the objects that mostly are associated with the colour yellow.

Yellow makes me happy! It is a comforting color. Very warm and homey.

Yellow is the one of the ugliest colours. It looks like urine, and makes people nauseous, even angry. It reminds me of diseases,and cowardice.

I don't like yellow. It makes me think of a coward. It's ugly, too! It was interesting that it evokes emotions of frustration and anger....and it's my husbands favorite color! I've always wondered about that. Not too many people list yellow as their favorite.

I happen to have a yellow/gold front room and kitchen, which I love. I reminds me of a farm kitchen and seems friendly. It may, on the other hand, be causing the tension in our young (early teens) family.

Yellow makes me feel happy and puts a smile on my face.

It gets my attention at once. (A basket of yellow flowers got my attention right away in the garden.) I want a very soft light yellow in my kitchen - right ?) Notices printed on a yellow paper catch my eye right away. Only if the script is printed in black.

It makes me feel secure and gives me a bit extra confidence.

I love yellow. It always makes me feel like summer; warm and happy.

I do not know how, but for some reason I have more attention to yellow now. It does not mean that yellow is my favorite color, just take my attention recently. For example, I picked yellow just because came first in my vision and attracted me.

Yellow is a warm, loving color, the idea that it instills rage is absolutely crazy-people will say anything to explain away their bad behavior.

I feel as though the sun were shining in the room; even gloomy days are brightened and cheered when the room is yellow.
--Ron and Jean

The warmer and richer yellows make me feel very happy and elated.

When I taught school, fifth grade, I painted by classroom a very light shade of yellow. In fact, the name of the paint was "Duckling". On the first day of school, I would ask my students what they noticed about the classroom. Also, there was an old-fashioned bath tub which had been painted schoolbus yellow, and filled with pillows. Eventually, someone would remark the room being yellow, unlike other classrooms. The students would come to understand that no matter the weather outside, rainy, cloudy, etc. it would always be sunny in Room 6!

I HATE yellow. Always have and always will.

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