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Color Psychology ofPink


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Color Psychology ofPink
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While pink has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color pink can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color pink that readers have shared.

Reader Responses to Pink

Pink is the color of all things that are fun about being a girl. Light pink represents a baby girl...pure, hopeful, soft, loving...the world at her feet and a wonderful future ahead of her. Hot pink represents the passion felt by all women who has ever loved or been loved. The woman who wears many hats in life and drinks life in and lives with no regrets. I love the color pink. Every shade represents a different stage or phase in my life!

My pink skin, being a mother, singing to babies, tranquility, peace, sleep, taking care of people, love and candy and flowers and spring sun rises, new beginnings, weddings, joy, heaven.

It makes me feel powerful. I often feel the need to be shrouded in it. However some shades can make me feel angry.

Pink makes me feel disappointed and rejected.

I'm painting my room pink. My bf was livening with me and I painted are room brown.. it was cute, cozy, but oh so not girly.

Pink to me represents the right to be a girl, to be your self to speak freely and out load. It associates so culturally to females that there's is nothing left to do then to say but "no boys allowed."

Ten days ago I had to put my 15 yr old Shi-tzu down. From the moment I began to mourn I could not get enough pink. I normally love to wear black and neutral colors that accent my red hair. I have always felt that grown women should wear pink sparingly and only in tastefully appropriate shades for the individual skin and hair tones. Now I find myself unable to wear any other color. I also feel drawn to pink things. I am no longer picky about shade...all pinks look beautiful to me. I feel childish about this and a little silly, yet if it helps me through the mourning process...who am I to judge the human heart or the psychology of color?

Pink is my favorite color. I wear pink since I was in preschool now I am a college student and I still wear it almost every day. It makes me feel HAPPY!

I like pink. I always have. As a child and then when I went on to adulthood and now in my middle age, I still prefer pink to any other color. I actually have made up our guest room in antique pink and other shades of pink. I go in there when I feel out of it. It brings me back to reality quick.

I wanted to dress in pink for one of my weddings- three so far. I finally did this last time, the wedding cake was pink and so were much of the decorations to include a balloon arch over the cake table. My granddaughter is named Violet-Rose- so this gives me an opportunity to buy her most of the clothes I buy her in these colors. Yes I like pink and I will continue to wear and be a pink sort of person until I die.

I find pink makes me feel comfortable.
--Donald and Sharon

Pink makes me feel wonderful because it is my favorite color.

Pink is calming in soft tones. Very gentle and soothing.

Pink has always made me feel pretty. When I look at pink, I think of innocence, gentleness, calmness, and babies. Pink baby lips, pink baby feet, pink roses are like baby roses and red roses are like grownup roses. I love pink!

I hate PINK! I have a couple of dress shirts that are pink and I very rarely wear them. The apartment that I live in through the week has a PINK dining room wall, it drives me crazy, I almost did not rent the place because of it. If I could have found something different for the same price or less with the same amount of space I would not have rented it. NO MORE PINK!

It might be the female connection, but I associate pink with being aroused entering some kind of interaction involving females. I probably sound pretty stupid saying that, but that's just how I see it. It just feels like a very attractive sort of colour.
- Niall

Pink makes me feel feminine.

I like pink. It reminds me of a baby girl just born and smelling of baby oil.

Pink is a happy, playful color. I find myself surrounded by pink even though my favorite color is green. I am coming out of a long bout with depression and pink makes me feel good,calm and happy.

Pink feels feminine and youthful to me. It also feels comforting.
Pink makes me feel both strong and weak, a perfect harmony of feeling delicate and dominant.

All of a sudden now that I've just turned 49 I have the need to wear pink! I feel like I need to wear some pink every day. It might be reclaiming my girlhood. It also could be that I'm enjoying making friends more and pink is the color of friendship.

I LOVE PINK. Pink is pretty, girly, loud, bold, fun, and sometimes sexy. It bothers me when people dislike pink, it's like they're subconsciously rebelling against youthful femininity or something. I love being a girl, so I love pink, and I always will...but in response to Connie, I would never ever paint a wall in my home pink.

Young and silly - pretty, little, girlie, frilly...

Whenever E go in a room of pink or a lot of pink around me, E feel like E really need a nap or just feel really sleepy. The same with light brown and lilac. Funny huh?

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Kendra Cherry
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