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Color Psychology of Orange

Reader Responses

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Color Psychology of Orange
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While orange has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color orange can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color orange that readers have shared.

Reader Responses to Orange

Orange is a color that makes me hungry, I think of fresh homemade meals, home and family. When I wear the color it makes my hazel eyes flash emerald green, I see it in all the fall colors. I was born in October and the planet is covered in orange at the time of my birth, flowers, leaves on the trees, pumpkins, squash, sunsets, and California oranges. It makes me want to hug and to do some nesting for the winter months.

The color appears to be an exciting, joyful and fun color. There's no sadness or sorrow to it and its very pretty. It has become a very popular color in the fashion industry.

Before I even clicked on your description of the color orange, the word "hyper" came to mind. I guess most people view the color orange that way. Interesting!

As a child my favorite color was orange, so I feel young when I wear orange or have orange items around me. When I feel uninhibited and nonconforming I will wear orange, since I'm not supposed to look good in it.
-- Luci

Orange makes me feel excited.

I have been overwhelmed by the need to see 'orange' in my home, since two months after my dad's death. For his funerary flowers, I chose orange-ish roses. More recently, I was compelled to paint my dining room a very happy and palatable orange, which I invented (meaning the paint companies don't sell it, I sort of created it by accident and had them make more of it), complemented by purple/berry. These colors, though cool in the 70's, lost favor over the years.

I haven't been so into these colors since that decade. I consider it life-affirming.

I think of orange as an old colour not used on walls or cabinets any more. But I do like orange in clothing it makes you feel like you are being noticed.
--Donald and Sharon

I tend to think of construction signs, Halloween, and Pumpkins. For some reason I feel cautiously excited and think of Warm Pumpkin Pie Spices in the kitchen, which triggers memories of my grandmother and my mother.

Orange is energetic. It is a fun and playful color.

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How does orange make you feel? Do you associate orange with certain qualities or situations? Share your responses.

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