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Color Psychology ofGreen


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Color Psychology ofGreen
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While green has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color green can vary widely. The following are some of the reactions to the color green that readers have shared.

Reader Responses to Green

Green makes me feel rejuvenated, alive and full of life. It brings to mind birth and nature.

Green makes me feel exuberant, and vivacious.

The color green relaxes me, comforts me, sometimes it will entice me.

I never thought that the green M&M was sending a sexual message. I would think that is the light brown (tan) color M&M.

Green is a great color. I feel like I'm dressing in tune with nature when I dress in green. I keep deep shades (evergreen, hunter, kelly green) for the winter and dress in bright greens (grass, lime, olive) for the spring/summer.

In candy, I associate green with lime flavor for sour or mint for peppermint. I usually eat the green first because it is not my favorite flavor (lime) unless the green is mint.

Green is very soothing. It is very fresh and refreshing.

Green, in the theory of aesthetic catharsis in Indian dramaturgy (The most ancient text that deals with this subject is Natyasastra by sage Bharata) symbolises amur, love, royal and dignified. In the theatre from called kathakali oF Kerala (India), the face coluoring follows this norm. In Indian mythology, the presiding diety of green is Lord Vishnu who is in charge of the preservation of all that is mundane.

Personally, I have felt the above concepts do work at the psychosomatic plane quite truly.

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