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Parenting and Child Care - Psychological Issues in Parenting and Child Care

Parenting and child care have been a major area of interest in developmental psychology for many years. Learn more about the many psychological issues surrounding parenting and child care. Learn more about how parenting styles impact children. Discover how to choose the best quality child care and behavioral warning signs that parents should watch for.

Parenting Styles
Research suggests that different parenting styles have an important impact on child development. Learn more about these different parenting styles and how they impact children.

Child Behavioral Warning Signs to Watch For
In order to ensure the best child care experience, it is important for parents to be on the watch for possible problems. These child behavioral warning signs to watch for can help parents be aware of potential problems.

What Is Authoritative Parenting?
Authoritative parenting is characterized by parents who hold high expectations and set clear guidelines, but are responsive and nurturing to their children. Learn more about authoritative parenting, the characteristics of parents and the effect on children.

What Is Authoritarian Parenting?
Authoritative parenting is a parenting style characterized by strict rules, harsh punishments and little warmth. Learn more about the authoritarian parenting style and the effect it has on children.

What Is Permissive Parenting?
Permissive parenting is characterized by parents who are responsive to their children, but lack rules and discipline. Learn more about permissive parenting and the impact it has on children.

What Is Uninvolved Parenting?
Uninvolved parenting is a style characterized by undemanding and unresponsive parents. Learn more about the characteristics of uninvolved parenting as well as the effect it has on children.

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