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How to Become aPsychologist

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Start PlanningEarly
Plan Early

If you want to become a psychologist, you should start thinking about your future now. Take classes in high school that will prepare you to study psychology at university.

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Step 1. Start Planning Early

Psychology is not necessarily a common course offered at most high schools, but increasing numbers are beginning to offer AP Psychology classes. If your high school does offer some sort of psychology course, it would definitely be a good idea to add this class to your schedule. Having some background knowledge about general psychology can really be helpful during your first year of college.

Of course, there are many other classes you can take in high school to help prepare you for your future career as a psychologist. A strong science background is a must, so sign up for as many courses as you can in topics such as biology, chemistry, human anatomy/physiology and other life sciences. Statistics is a core component of any university psychology program, so having a solid background in mathematics is certainly helpful.

Beyond science and math classes, taking courses in history, philosophy, writing, religion and language can also be beneficial. By learning more about human history and behavior, you can put yourself on the road to future success as you continue your psychology education. Finally, remember to maintain good grades in all of your courses. University admissions can be competitive, so it is important to have a strong GPA and great teacher references.

Tips for High School Students:
  • Take an AP Psychology course.

  • Check to see if your community college offers college-level psychology courses for high school students.

  • Enroll in science, math and humanities courses.

  • Consider starting a psychology club at your school.

  • Look for volunteer opportunities in your community.

  • Start looking at universities during your junior year.

  • Get to know your teachers so that they will be able to offer good letters of recommendation.

  • Get good grades and perform well on the ACT or SAT exam.

  • Submit your applications to the universities of your choice.

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