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Psychology career questions

Got a question about psychology careers? We've got the answers.

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Do you have a question about psychology careers? The following are just a few of the basic questions that many people ask when considering a career in psychology. Before you decide which path is right for you, spend some time finding answers to some of your biggest questions.

What are the Different Specialty Areas in Psychology?:

One of the greatest things about psychology is that there are so many different career paths to choose from. Whether you are fascinated by research or interested in applying psychological theories in the real-world, there is bound to be an area that is perfect for your interests. Just a few of the specific specialty areas in psychology include clinical psychology, educational psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and social psychology. Start by exploring the different specialty areas in psychology to learn more.

What do Psychologists Do?:

Psychologists work in a wide range of professional areas. Mental health, academics and research are just some of the major areas of interest a psychologist might pursue. Many psychologists also work in applied settings like ergonomics and human factors. Psychologists are also well suited to work in business, government, education, and mental health. Discover more about the nature of psychology work and what it is really like to be a psychologist.

Where Do Psychologists Work?:

How a psychologist spends each day and under what type of working conditions are both affected largely by exactly where the professional is employed. For example, many psychologists work at colleges and universities, while others work in prisons, hospitals or private practices. Some work individually with clients, while other treat patients with a team of professionals. Understand where different psychologists work is important, so spend some time learning more about the working conditions of psychologists.

How Much Do Psychologists Earn?:

While a study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that psychology graduates had the lowest starting pay of any field ($30,000), earnings and salaries of psychologists vary widely depending on education level, experience, and specialization. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the middle 50% of psychologists earn between $48,700 and $82,800. If you've ever considered a career in psychology, then you probably should spend a little time investigating the typical earnings and salaries of psychologists.

What are the Educational and Training Requirements for Psychologists?:

Just how long does it take to become a psychologist? The answer depends on a lot of factors including which specialty area you plan on going into. It is also important to note that there are a number of career options available for those with doctoral, master's, and bachelor?s degrees in psychology. Before you pick a specialty area, it pays to figure out the training and qualifications you'll need to work in that field.

What is the Job Outlook for Psychology Careers?:

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment for psychologists is projected to grow by approximately 22 percent through the year 2020. However, they also note that growth will vary depending upon specialty area. Clinical psychologists, school psychologists, and industrial-organizational psychologist are expected to be in high demand. When you are considering a career path, it is always a good idea to understand the possible job outlook before you commit.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor?s Degree in Psychology?:

There are a number of different entry-level jobs for college graduates with a bachelor's degree. However, it is important to note that options tend to be more limited at the undergraduate level. An undergraduate education in psychology helps students develop skills that are important in a variety of careers. Learn more about some of the different careers with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

What Can I Do with a Graduate Degree in Psychology?:

Earning a graduate degree in psychology can open a lot of door in terms of career selection, salary, and opportunity for advancement. It is also important to note that many careers, such as clinical and counseling psychology, require a doctorate degree in psychology in order become licensed. Learn more about some of the many options that are available with a graduate degree in psychology.

Which Psychology Career Is Right for Me?

If you are considering a career in psychology, it is important to first assess your interests, talents and needs. Psychology is a diverse field with a wide range of career options, so a little planning now can help you find a specialty area that is perfect for you. Take the Psychology Career Quiz to learn more about some of the careers that might interest you.

How Can I Learn More About Careers in Psychology?

If you're considering a career in psychology, it is a good idea to consider your options before you decide on an educational path, graduate degree program or specialty area. The following resources can help you learn more about possible career choices in psychology:

  • Before You Choose a Psychology Major
    If you are thinking of majoring in psychology, you should carefully consider your personal interests, career goals and future plans before you decide.

  • Before You Choose a Graduate School in Psychology
    There are several important factors you should consider before you decide if graduate school in psychology is the right choice for you. Here are just a few things to think about before you make your decision.

  • Psychology Career Profiles
    There are a number of specialty areas within psychology. Learn more about some of these careers including school psychology, forensic psychology and clinical psychology.
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