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Careers In Psychology Course

The Careers in Psychology course is designed to help students learn more about the many different job paths within psychology. Students will take a career assessment, learn more about educational requirements of different specialty areas, and pick out a select number of options that interest them the most.

Free Psychology Careers E-Course
This free, 10-week course is aimed at anyone who has an interest in one day working in the field of psychology. Once you sign up, you will receive one lesson by e-mail each week covering topics including entry-level careers, graduate-level careers, salaries and specialty areas.

Getting Started: Psychology Career Assessment
In lesson one of the free careers in psychology course, you will begin to explore the various job options that are available.

Why Major in Psychology?
In lesson two of the Career in Psychology Course, you will explore some of the great reasons to choose a psychology major.

Experimental Psychology Careers
In lesson three of the Careers in Psychology course, we'll take a closer look at job opportunities in the field of experimental psychology.

Human and Social Services Careers
In lesson four of the careers in psychology course, learn more about career devoted to human and social service.

Applied Psychology Careers
In lesson five of the Careers in Psychology course, learn more about careers in applied areas including forensic and sports psychology.

Entry-Level Psychology Careers
In lesson six of the Careers in Psychology course, learn more about some entry-level careers that are available with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

Graduate-Level Psychology Careers
In lesson seven of the free careers in psychology course, we'll explore some of the options that are available with a graduate degree in psychology.

Lesson 8: Becoming a Psychologist
In lesson eight of the careers course, we learn more about the educational and training needed to enter different psychology professions.

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