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Entry-Level PsychologyCareers

Job Options with a Bachelor'sDegree

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Entry-Level PsychologyCareers
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Welcome to week six of the Careers in Psychology E-Course! While some students may choose to continue their education in graduate school, many others will opt to go directly into the work force. Fortunately, there are many entry-level career options out there for people with an undergraduate degree in psychology. In this week's lesson, we'll focus on some of these job options as well as some growing career trends.

Job Options with a Bachelor's Degree

Earning a degree in psychology provides students with a wide range of skills including analytical thinking, research, writing, and communication. Obviously, these talents can come in handy if you work in the social services industry, but people with an undergraduate degree in psychology often find employment opportunities in a wide variety of areas. Learn more about some of the different job options with an undergraduate degree in psychology.

Common Careers with a Bachelor's Degree

It may come as a surprise, but studies suggest that only about a quarter of students who earn a bachelor's in psychology end up working in a field directly related to psychology. So where do the remaining 75 percent of people end up working? Learn more about your options in this look at some of the entry-level careers in psychology.

Should You Earn a B. A. or a B. S.?

Once you have decided to earn a bachelor's in psychology, you are faced with an important decision. Should you earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree? What is the difference between these two degrees? Is one degree better than the other? Learn more about the answers to these questions in this overview of the differences between the B. A. and B. S. in Psychology.

FAQ About the Bachelor's in Psychology Degree

Are you still on the fence about whether a bachelor's in psychology is the best choice for you? While you may choose to enter the workforce directly after graduating, students often see the undergraduate degree is a springboard to further study at the graduate level. Learn more about the kind of class you should take during your undergraduate years, how long it will take to earn your degree, and some possible alternative degrees that you might want to consider in these answers to frequently asked questions about bachelor's degrees in psychology.

Your Assignment: Is a Bachelor's Degree Right for You?

It's time once again to write in your career reflection journal. Based on what you have learned in this lesson, how do you feel about earning a bachelor's degree in psychology? Does it seem like a good choice for you based on your interests and goals? Remember, this journal is just for your own personal reflection. There are no assignments, due dates, or grades issued in this self-study class.

As you think about this week's lesson, consider some of the following questions:

  • How will earning an undergraduate degree in psychology help you achieve your goals?

  • Do you plan to enter the workforce immediately after earning your bachelor's degree, or do you plan to continue your education in graduate school?

  • If you are starting to think that a bachelor's degree in psychology isn't right for you, what are some of the alternative degree options that you are considering?

Congratulations on completing lesson six of the career course! In our next lesson, we'll delve deeper into career options at the graduate level.

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