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Behaviorists - Important Behaviorist Thinkers

Learn more about the important behaviorist thinkers and theorists who had an influence on behaviorism.

B. F. Skinner Biography
B. F. Skinner?s research on operant conditioning made him one of the leaders of behaviorism. Learn more about his life, career, research, and writings in this B.F. Skinner biography.

Ivan Pavlov Biography
Ivan Pavlov was primarily interested in physiology, but his discovery of conditional reflexes heavily influenced the behaviorist movement. Learn more about his theories, career, and influence on psychology in this Ivan Pavlov biography.

John Watson Biography
John Watson is often referred to as the "father of behaviorism." Learn more about his life, career, and theories in this brief biography.

Edward Thorndike Biography (1874-1949)
Edward Thorndike was a pioneering American psychologist perhaps best known for the law of effect. Learn more about his personal life, teaching career and psychology research in this biography of Edward Thorndike.

Clark Hull Biography (1884-1952)
Clark Hull was a major behaviorist who developed the drive reduction theory of learning. While early illness interrupted his eduction, Hull managed to become one of the most prominent thinking in American psychology.

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