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APA format is the writing style used in psychology and many other social sciences. For students who have spent years learning other writing formats, getting the hang of APA style can be tricky. Fortunately, we have lots of great resources covering the ins and outs of APA format, including many different examples.

If you are a visually oriented learner, videos can be an especially helpful educational tool. Fortunately, we also have a nice collection of videos on different aspects of APA format. Be sure to bookmark this page, as I'll be sure to add any new videos on this topic to this index.

How to Make Reference Pages in APA Format

Knowing how to format your reference page is important. Students who don't take the time to ensure that their format page is correct often lose a lot of points on assignments, which can take a toll on your grade. This video explains some of the basic rules you need to follow as well as a few things you need to watch for.

How to Cite in APA Format

When citing your sources, it is important to remember that anything included in your reference section must also be cited in-text. In this video, discover the basic format for an in-text citation, how to use direct quotations and how to format longer quotes.

How to List Book References in APA Format

References can differ based on the source. Book references, for example, need to follow a specific format that includes information about the author or authors, date of publication, title, location, and publisher. In this video, learn more about how to list book references in proper APA format.

How to Write a Title Page in APA Format

The title page is the very first page of your paper that provides some critical information that your instructor or readers need to know. First, and most importantly, it gives the title of your work. Next, it includes information about the authors and your school affiliation. This brief video covers the basic elements as well as the specific details about how to format your title page.

How to Write an Abstract in APA Format

An abstract is a summary of your paper that is located immediately after the title page. The summary should be both brief and objective. The goal is simply to tell readers what they should expect to find in your paper. This video explains some of the things you will need to know when preparing your abstract.

How to Make Tables in APA Format

Tables can be a great way to visually display a lot of important information, but formatting them properly can be a bit complicated. APA format dictates specific rules for how these tables should be laid out and presented to the reader. In this video, learn more about how and when tables should be used.

How to Make Graphs in APA Format

Like tables, graphs can be extremely helpful when you are trying to summarize a large amount of data. The goal of including a graph in your paper should be to augment your writing. The graph shouldn't simply be a duplication of what you've explained in your text. It should provide additional information that helps the reader better understand your paper. In this video, learn more about how and when to use graphs as well as some great tips for preparing useful graphs.
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