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Where to Find an APA CitationMachine

APA Citation Machines, Wizards andTools

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Do you need a little extra help with your APA citations? Using an APA citation machine is a quick way to get your references ready in APA format. However, it is still important that you have a solid understanding of how to cite sources in APA style. If you do opt to use one of the APA citation wizards, remember to carefully check each reference to ensure the accuracy of your citations.

Also, please note that some APA citation machine tools are still in the process of updating to the latest guidelines found in the sixth-edition of the APA publication manual.

1. KnightCite

This APA citation machine from the Hekman Library at Calvin College can be used to create a basic citation for a book in APA format. First, be sure to select APA from the "Citation Styles" menu on the left. Then complete the required fields and hit submit to receive your APA citation.

2. APA Citation Wizards

This handy tool offers a quick and easy way to create references for web pages, online books and online journal articles. The tools for creating web page and online book citations has been updated to the newest version of APA format, but the tool for online journal article still uses the format from the older, fifth-edition of the publication manual.

3. Landmarks Citation Machine

This citation tool allows students to create references in a variety of formats, including APA. Start by selecting APA format from the menu on the left, and then click the type of source you are going to cite (i.e. book, periodical, online article, etc.). Then, simply fill out the required fields and hit submit.

4. Citation Creation

This APA citation machine is relatively simple and allows users to create references for books, journal articles, magazines, websites and online journals. Simply select APA from the list, and then choose the type of source you want to cite.

5. Zotero

Zotero is actually a very useful Firefox Add-on that can be utilized for a variety of research purposes, but it also makes a great APA citation machine. In addition to collecting and organizing your research, you can also use the tool to create APA style citations.

6. Cite This!

This APA citation machine is also a Firefox Add-on that can be used to make citations of online sources in APA, MLA and AMA formats. According to some of the online reviews, the tool is not completely accurate, so always check your finished reference to ensure it is in correct APA format.
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