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Citing Periodicals in APAFormat

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Basic Structure:

Articles appearing in journals and other periodicals should be cited using the author-date format. APA format citations should include the author's last name, followed by the date of publication.

For example:
...as Jones (2001) described...
...the study found a significant statistical relationship between the two variables (Jones, 2001).

Citing Articles with No Author:

In cases where no author is listed, include the short title of the article followed by the date of publication.

For example:
...the findings were consistent with previous research ("New Study," 2003).

More Tips:

  • All direct quotations should include the page number of the source.

  • When citing an organization, such as the American Psychological Association (APA), spell out the entire name in the first citation. All further citations should use the appropriate acronym.
  • If you are citing an article with seven or more authors, use the first authors last name followed by et al. and the publication year. For example: (Gillroy et al., 2009)
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