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Psychology iPhone Apps

Great iPhone Apps for Psychology Students and Enthusiasts

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Are you interested in learning more about psychology on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Are you a psychology students that uses your iPhone to stay organized and take notes? Then be sure to check out this list of some of the best psychology iPhone apps. Just visit the iTunes store and use the search feature to find these useful apps.


PsycExplorer app

Price: $2.99

This useful app, developed by Michael Britt of the wonderful psychology site The Psych Files, is designed specifically with students and teachers in mind. It provides users with the latest psychology news, research and blog posts as well as videos, audio and tweets from professional psychologists.

Study Sets - Psychology and Psychology Lite

Study Sets - Psychology iPhone appStudy Sets - Psychology

Price: $2.99 for the full version, free for the lite version

Study psychology right on your iPhone or iTouch with this psychology study tool. The app covers a wide variety of topics in psychology including memory, conditioning and personality. In addition to exploring the study sets on various topics, you can also search for information on psychology vocabulary and key figures in psychology history.

3D Brain

3D Brain iPhone App3D Brain

Price: Free

If you are studying biopsychology or related topics, this handy app allows you to explore the brain using your touch screen. Simple rotate and zoom in to learn more about 29 distinct brain structures and discover how the different brain regions function. You can also learn more about the impact of brain damage, brain disorders and case studies.

Live Happy?

Live Happy iPhone AppLive Happy?

Price: $9.99

This psychology iPhone app from Signal Patterns uses the principles of positive psychology to help uses develop life-affirming habits. Based on the work of positive psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky, the app can be used to develop new habits that can make you happier, healthier and more resilient. You can read more about this app in this review from black-rose-bielefeld.de's Guide to Stress Management, Elizabeth Scott.

Dream Psychology by Sigmund Freud

Price: $0.99

Have you ever wanted to study Sigmund Freud's dream psychology right on your iPhone? This app promises to present Freud's ideas in his own words and features the ability bookmark your spot in the text, continuous playback of all chapters and ability to adjust the font size.


Price: Free

If you want to utilize your iPhone to take notes in your psychology courses, then you should definitely check out the very useful Evernote app. Using this free application, you can take text, voice or image notes and quickly sync them to an online account. Managing your notes online makes it easy to access your work anywhere, whether you are using your laptop or your school's computer lab.


Price: Free

Do you have a difficult time keeping track of due dates? This handy app allows you to create a calendar of your assignments and due dates. After entering in when each assignment is due, your calendar will be color coded so that you can quickly view approaching due dates.

Google Calendar

Price: Free

This can be an especially handy tool if you are already using Google Calendar online to keep track of important dates. Simply add the app to your phone and you will be able to access your calendar from anywhere.

Remember the Milk

Price: Free

Keep track of important tasks for your psychology classes and take them anywhere with the iPhone version of this useful task management app.

Blackboard Learn

Price: Free

If your school utilizes the learning management system Blackboard, this app makes it possible to access teacher announcements, assignments, grades and other class information right on your iPhone.


Price: $4.99

Need some extra help studying for those big psychology exams? Cram is an app designed to help you create multiple-choice practice tests and study flash cards.

iStudiez Pro

Price: $2.99

This very useful assignment tracking tool is a great option for psychology students who struggle to keep assignments, due dates and study schedules organized. After inputting your information, the app will keep track of your schedule and let you know what you should be working on in order to stay on track.

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