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Psychology WebQuest

A Psychology Lesson Plan and Student Project

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Introduction: Instructions for Teachers

This Psychology 101 WebQuest and lesson plan is designed to help students learn more about the basics of psychology. It serves as a good introduction the science of the mind and behavior.

The lesson plan is adaptable, so you may choose to have students complete the assignment portion either online or offline. If you choose to have students complete the assignment online, they will need to have some knowledge of how to use blogging or online document tools. If you choose to complete the assignment offline, students may choose to use word processing tools (such as Microsoft Word) or presentation software (such as PowerPoint).

The lesson plan consists of two components:

1. The Psychology 101 WebQuest

In this portion of the lesson plan, students will utilize the web to research different psychology topics. All resources are provided in the WebQuest, so there is no need for students to search for the articles and URLs they need. Students can select which topics they choose to include in their assignment, but I would suggest having students choose a minimum of three sections to complete.

2. Creating a Psychology Presentation

After selecting their topics and exploring the resources provided in the Psychology 101 WebQuest, students will need to create a psychology presentation. This can be accomplished in several different ways. Students may opt to use an online publishing tool, such Blogger or Google Docs, to present their project. Another option is to utilize tools such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to create a presentation. Depending on your requirements, students could also choose to create a poster-board presentation.

The Psychology 101 WebQuest offers a fun and exciting way to explore psychology topics and integrate technology tools and resources into the classroom curriculum. Because the lesson plan is highly adaptable, you can make any necessary changes to make it work for your unique classroom needs.

Grade Levels: 8th-grade and up

Description: Complete a Psychology 101 WebQuest and develop a presentation based on the resources provided.

Goal: Students will identify three topics of interest within psychology, read the available resources and create a class presentation based on what they have learned.

Part 2: Research Topics for the Psychology 101 WebQuest

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