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Psychology 101: The Basics
Learn more about the basics of psychology, including its history and uses. Discover what psychology is all about, the ways it can be used to improve people's lives and some of the great reasons why you might want to consider earning a degree in psychology.

Psychology Quizzes - Personality and Academic Quizzes
So you think you know a lot about psychology? Put your knowledge to the test in this collection of academic quizzes or learn more about yourself with our fun personality tests.

Behavioral Psychology
Behavioral psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on observable behaviors. Conditioning, reinforcement and punishment are key concepts used by behaviorists. Learn more about classical conditioning and operant conditioning as well as some of the major behaviorist thinkers.

Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive psychology is the branch of psychology that explores internal states including attention, thinking, and decision-making. Learn more about some of the major topics within cognitive psychology including intelligence, memory and problem-solving.

Developmental Psychology
Learn more about developmental psychology throughout the lifespan. Find information on theories of child development, intellectual development, cognitive development, and more.

Personality Psychology
Learn more about personality, how it develops, and how it influences our behavior. Read about the major theories of personality development.

Social Psychology
Social psychology seeks to explain and understand social behavior. Learn more about group behavior, how we interact with others, and social influences on decision making.

Psychology Dictionary - Psychology Terms from A to Z
The glossary contains an A to Z listing of psychological terms with definitions and examples. Learn more about psychology one word and a time. Find both brief and extended definitions of a wide variety of psychological topics.

Terms included in the psychology dictionary cover every subject and sub-field of psychology, from research methods to child development. New terms are added regularly. Use the index below to navigate the psychology dictionary.

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Careers in Psychology
Careers in psychology are diverse and varied, with many different specialty areas to choose from. Check out the links below to learn more about which careers are best suited to your personality and check out career profiles of different jobs in psychology. You can also learn more about wages, working conditions, career paths and career options at different degree levels.

History of Psychology
Learn more about the history of psychology by looking at the background on the major thinkers in psychology history and their major theories. Read more about significant figures in psychology history such as Freud, Jung, Piaget and others to discover how their theories shaped the field of psychology.

Academic Resources for Psychology Students
Explore this section to find the tools, advice and resources you need to succeed in your psychology classes. Learn more about how to use APA format and how to write different types of psychology papers. Discover some great study tips that will help you get the most out of your study time.

Psychology Research Methods
Learn more about research methods, experimental design, and statistical analysis.

Psychotherapy is a general term used to describe the process of treating mental illness. Learn more about the various types of psychotherapy, the effectiveness of treatment and the different professionals who provide psychotherapy services.

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