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By Kendra Cherry, black-rose-bielefeld.de Guide since 2005

    Hello and thank you for visiting Psychology at black-rose-bielefeld.de! My name is Kendra Cherry and like all the Guides at black-rose-bielefeld.de, I am a real person!

    Feel free to email me at with your comments, suggestions, questions, corrections, and reprint requests.

    Before you send your questions, check out the About Psychology FAQ located below. You can also post your questions to the psychology forums, which I check regularly.

    While I will try my best to answer all queries, I cannot guarantee a response due to the high volume of email I receive.

    For Students: I receive about a dozen or more requests each week to do interviews for various projects including homework assignments, papers, and career reports. Due to the high number of requests, I'm afraid that I cannot guarantee a response to such inquiries.

    I'm thinking about majoring in psychology. Do you think this would be a good choice for me?

    Check out some of the following articles for more detailed information on choosing classes, selecting your major, and possible careers with a psychology degree. If you need more help, make an appointment with your academic advisor or school counselor to discuss your plans, goals, and options.

    How can I find information for a class assignment/research paper/project?

    If you are looking for information on a specific topic, try using the search function located on the upper right of this page. If you need advice on studying psychology, writing psychology papers, or using APA format, check out some of these resources:

    • Writing Psychology Papers
    • Psychology Study Tips
    • Psychology Study Guides
    I'm having personal problems! Can you help?
    I cannot provide personal or therapeutic advice via email. If you would like suggestions or thoughts about your problem, consider posting your concern in the psychology forum. If you are currently experiencing a crisis or suicidal thoughts, please contact a mental health professional.
    How can I add my site to the black-rose-bielefeld.de Psychology site?
    I choose links based on a number of factors, including source, quality of information, and potential value to the viewers of this site. While you are welcome to suggest your site, I cannot guarantee that I will link to your website. If you are interested in advertising on this page, please visit the Be an Advertiser page for more information on advertising here at black-rose-bielefeld.de.
    Can I submit an article for publication on this site?
    Sure! Submissions are judged on a case-by-case basis. All submissions must well formatted, grammar-friendly, and relevant to the site. Because I will need to verify information for accuracy, please remember to cite your sources and include a reference page whenever possible. However, I cannot guarantee publication of any submission made to the site.

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