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Kendra Cherry

By Kendra Cherry, black-rose-bielefeld.de Guide since 2005

    Careers In Psychology

    Are you interested in a psychology career, but not really sure where to begin? Finding the right career for you depends a lot on your interests, talents and goals for the future. Do you enjoy helping people? Then maybe mental health counseling is the right choice for you. Do you like solving applied, real-world problems? Then a career in industrial-organizational or experimental psychology might be the perfect choice.

    Before you decide, this course will help you explore your options and learn more about specific psychology careers.

    Who Should Take the Careers in Psychology E-Course?

    This class is aimed at anyone interested in a psychology career, from high school students to adults contemplating a career change.

    How Long is the Class?

    This course spans an ten-week period. You will receive an email each week containing a new set of lessons.

    Getting Started

    Signing up for the free Careers in Psychology course is easy! Simply complete the form below to subscribe to the class. If you need to change your email or unsubscribe at any time, simply click the link provided at the bottom of every lesson.

    Make Sure You Never Miss a Lesson!

    When signing up, be sure to check your email address carefully before you submit your subscription form. After you have subscribed, add "[email protected]" to your email address book to ensure that the lessons are not blocked by email filtering software.

    Good luck and have fun learning more about psychology careers!

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