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Psychology January 2013 Archive

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Tips for Taking Great Psychology Notes

Wednesday January 30, 2021
If you really want to get good grades in your psychology courses, then it is absolutely essential to take quality lecture notes. What exactly do I mean by quality? Should ... Read More

Mean, Median, or Mode?

Tuesday January 29, 2021
One Reader Writes: "I always get so confused about how to tell which is the mean, median or mode! Can you explain what each of these terms mean and how ... Read More

How to Deal With Procrastination

Monday January 28, 2021
Procrastination is one of those things that even the most well-organized and punctual fall victim to at some point or another. Think about the last time you found yourself watching ... Read More

Social Reinforcement - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday January 25, 2021
Definition: Social reinforcement involves things such as attention, smiles, and praise from other people. It often occurs naturally and can serve as a powerful form of reinforcement. For example, researchers ... Read More

10 Great Reasons to Earn a Psychology Degree

Thursday January 24, 2021
Choosing a college major can be a very difficult task, especially if you are torn between competing degree options. In order to select the major that is right for ... Read More

Tips for Improving Your Nonverbal Communication Skills

Wednesday January 23, 2021
In his book, On Becoming a Person, psychologist Carl Rogers wrote, "The whole task of psychotherapy is the task of dealing with a failure in communication . . . Real ... Read More

Looking for a Research Topic? Here are a Few Ideas

Tuesday January 22, 2021
When faced with writing a research paper or performing an experiment, one of the most challenging things for a lot of students is coming up with a good topic. I've ... Read More

Tables in APA Format

Monday January 21, 2021
Reader Question: I need to create a table for a paper, but I'm not sure how. Do you have any tips for making tables in APA format and ... Read More

Consciousness - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday January 18, 2021
Definition: In psychology, consciousness refers to our awareness of sensations, thoughts, and other internal processes. As you might expect, our experience of conscious is always changing as our thoughts and ... Read More

Child Development 101

Thursday January 17, 2021
We were all children once and many of us are either parents or will become parents someday. Not surprisingly, the study of child development is one of the most popular ... Read More

Pioneers of Psychology: John Bowlby

Wednesday January 16, 2021
John Bowlby was a British psychologist perhaps best known for developing attachment theory. His research on attachment and child development left a lasting impression on psychology, education, child care and ... Read More

10 Cool Psychology Jobs

Tuesday January 15, 2021
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a faster than average growth for psychologists. While traditional careers such as clinical and counseling psychology remain popular choices, there is a huge ... Read More

The Words of Abraham Maslow

Monday January 14, 2021
When I ask readers to name their pick for the most influential psychologist, humanist thinker Abraham Maslow gets mentioned fairly frequently. As reader Brittany explains, "I feel that Maslow was right ... Read More

Short-Term Memory - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday January 11, 2021
Definition: Short-term memory involves the things that we are thinking about and aware of at the current moment. Just how "short" is short-term memory? In most cases, information that is ... Read More

10 Ways to Become a More Effective Learner

Thursday January 10, 2021
I'm always interested in finding new ways to learn quickly and efficiently. It's important to get the most educational value out of my time as possible. However, retention, recall ... Read More

Important Milestones in Child Development

Wednesday January 9, 2021
Parents, teachers, and doctors spend a lot of time talking about the many different developmental milestones that children reach as they learn and grow. These milestones represent certain achievements that ... Read More

Have You Considered a Career as a Genetics Counselor?

Tuesday January 8, 2021
Do you enjoy learning about human genetics? Does helping people make health decisions based upon their genetic information sound appealing to you? If your answer to these questions is yes, ... Read More

Psychology Myths and Misconceptions

Monday January 7, 2021
There are plenty of popular psychology myths out there, from the idea that we only use 10 percent of our brains to the idea that human memory works much like ... Read More

Visual Cliff - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday January 4, 2021
Definition: A visual cliff is a type of tool that was originally designed by developmental psychologists to study whether or not an infant has depth perception. It involves connecting a ... Read More

Before You Buy a Psychology Textbook

Thursday January 3, 2021
Buying textbooks for your psychology courses can be very expensive, with some texts costing hundreds of dollars each. With a new semester coming up fast, now is a great time ... Read More

Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Wednesday January 2, 2021
Imagine that your teacher has assigned you to read a novel and then develop a project of your choice based on the book. One student immediately decides to draw a ... Read More

Your New Year's Resolution Toolkit

Tuesday January 1, 2021
So you've decided to make a New Year's Resolution this year, but are not quite sure how to get started? Fortunately, there are plenty of great tips and advice around ... Read More

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