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Psychology December 2011 Archive

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10 Great Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions

Friday December 30, 2011
The start of a new year is the perfect time to turn a new page, which is probably why so many people create New Year's Resolutions. The beginning of a ... Read More

A Look Back at Psychology News in 2011

Thursday December 29, 2011
Can you believe that 2011 is almost over? As the year draws to a close, it is time to look back at the year that was. It's been a busy ... Read More

A Brief History of IQ Testing

Wednesday December 28, 2011
Intelligence has been an important and controversial topic throughout psychology's history. In addition to debates over how to define intelligence, researchers continue to question whether it can be accurately measured. ... Read More

Great Sites for Psychology Students

Tuesday December 27, 2011
Many students are enjoying a holiday break before the start of the next semester. While you should definitely enjoy your time off, now is also a great time to start ... Read More

December in Review

Monday December 26, 2011
December can be a crazy month. From research papers and end-of-term comprehensive exams to Christmas shopping to getting ready to visit extended family, chances are that you probably have a ... Read More

Parenting Styles - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday December 23, 2011
Definition: In a famous study conducted in the 1960s, psychologist Diana Baumrind utilized naturalistic observation, parental interviews and other research methods to study more than 100 preschool-aged children. She ... Read More

Surprising Symptoms of Stress

Thursday December 22, 2011
You've probably heard that stress can weaken immunity and leave you more susceptible to illness, but did you know that Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is another major physical ailment caused ... Read More

Exploring Child Psychology

Wednesday December 21, 2011
As one of the most popular topics in psychology, the study of child development and behavior is a subject of interest for parents, educators and psychologists. If you're interested in ... Read More

Have You Considered a Career in Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

Tuesday December 20, 2011
If you are still debating which career in psychology is right for you, then you might want to spend some time considering the growing field of industrial-organizational psychology (or I-O ... Read More

Using black-rose-bielefeld.de Psychology In the Classroom

Monday December 19, 2011
Are you a psychology or social studies teacher? Are you looking for ways to implement online resources into the classroom? As you peruse the vast array of reference material online, ... Read More

Stressed Out by the Holidays? Find Some Relief With These Resources

Monday December 19, 2011
With the holiday season in full swing and another semester coming to a close, this time of year can be a stressful period for many people. Is the thought of ... Read More

Defense Mechanisms - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday December 16, 2011
Have you ever described someone as being "in denial" or "overcompensating?" These terms are commonly used in everyday language and they have their origins in the work of Sigmund Freud ... Read More

Pioneers of Psychology: Ivan Pavlov

Thursday December 15, 2011
Ivan Pavlov had a major influence on psychology, yet he wasn't a psychologist at all. Pavlov was actually a Russian physiologist whose research on conditioned reflexes influenced the rise of ... Read More

Reader Question About Clinical and School Psychology

Wednesday December 14, 2011
One reader asks: "What is the difference between clinical and school psychologists? What are their duties in general, compared to school psychologist, and what do school psychologists do that is ... Read More

What Are the Highest Paying Jobs in Psychology?

Tuesday December 13, 2011
A recent report from Time magazine included psychology on its list of the ten lowest-paying majors, but this doesn't mean that you can't earn a decent living in psychology. The ... Read More
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Effective Strategies for Psychology Exams

Monday December 12, 2011
Keely writes: "Help! I pay attention in class and I study hard, but I always do horrible on my psychology tests. I KNOW the information, but you'd never guess it ... Read More

Attribution - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday December 9, 2011
In social psychology, attribution refers to how we infer the causes of behaviors and events. During a typical day, you probably make a number of different attributions regarding your own ... Read More

Should You Earn an Online Psychology Degree?

Thursday December 8, 2011
Online education can be very convenient, which is part of the reason why interest in online psychology degrees has grown. These programs can be particularly appealing to those who work ... Read More

Types of Therapy

Wednesday December 7, 2011
Ben writes: "I'm writing a paper on different types of therapy, but I'm not sure where to begin. What are a few of the most popular forms of psychotherapy?" When people ... Read More

10 Strategies to Boost Your Memory

Tuesday December 6, 2011
Cognitive psychologists have discovered a number of techniques that can significantly improve your memory. Strategies such as elaboration, rehearsal, and mnemonic devices can help you better remember the information you ... Read More

What To Do If You're Failing Psychology

Monday December 5, 2011
Are you failing a psychology class? While you should definitely take the situation seriously, it is important not to panic. There are things that you can do to improve your ... Read More
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Integrity Versus Despair - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday December 2, 2011
Integrity versus despair is the final stage of Erik Erikson's eight-stage theory of human development. This period of development occurs during later adulthood, from about age 65 through the end ... Read More

Pioneers of Psychology: Lev Vygotsky

Thursday December 1, 2011
Lev Vygotsky is considered a seminal thinker in psychology, and much of his work is still being discovered and explored today. While he was a contemporary of Skinner, Pavlov, Freud ... Read More
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