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Psychology January 2011 Archive

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A Closer Look at the Psychosocial Stages

Monday January 31, 2011
The theory of psychosocial development created by Erik Erikson is perhaps one of the best known personality theories. The theory differs from many others in that it addresses development across ... Read More
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Short-Term Memory - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday January 28, 2011
Definition: Short-term memory, also known as primary or active memory, includes the information we are currently aware of or thinking about. Most of the information kept in short-term memory will ... Read More
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Biography of John Bowlby

Thursday January 27, 2011
John Bowlby was a British psychologist perhaps best known for developing attachment theory. His research on attachment and child development left a lasting impression on psychology, education, child care and ... Read More
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Careers in Sports Psychology

Wednesday January 26, 2011
Sports psychology is the study of how psychology influences sports, athletic performance, exercise and physical activity. Division 47 (Exercise and Sport Psychology) of the American Psychological Association describes sports psychology ... Read More

Mean, Median or Mode?

Tuesday January 25, 2011
One Reader Writes: "I always get so confused about how to tell which is the mean, median or mode! Can you explain what each of these terms mean and how ... Read More
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Quiz - Psychology Research Methods

Friday January 21, 2011
Most introductory courses in psychology will spend some time covering basic research methods. Knowledge of the different types of research studies, basic statistics, and scientific methods are important for a ... Read More
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The Structure of Neurons

Thursday January 20, 2011
Neurons are the building blocks of the nervous system. While they are similar to other cells in many ways, neurons are specialized to transmit information throughout the body. ... Read More

Affectional Bonds - Psychology Definition of the Week

Wednesday January 19, 2011
Definition: According to attachment theory, an affectional bond is a form of attachment behavior that one person has towards another. Perhaps the most common example of an affectional bond is ... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Ph.D. in Psychology Degrees

Tuesday January 18, 2011
Earning a Ph.D. in Psychology can open up a whole new world of career opportunities, but is it the best choice for you? Pursuing a Ph.D. is a big investment ... Read More
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Have You Considered Becoming a Child Psychologist?

Monday January 17, 2011
Finding the right career involves carefully considering your needs, interests and personality traits. Since psychology is such an immense and diverse subject, there are lots of different career options that ... Read More

How to Improve Your Psychology Study Skills

Friday January 14, 2011
As you begin any new course, it is a good idea to sit down and evaluate your homework habits and study skills. At the beginning of the semester, the sheer ... Read More

How to Save Money on Psychology Textbooks

Thursday January 13, 2011
Purchasing textbooks for psychology classes can be quite expensive. Some students find themselves spending hundreds of dollars each semester just to buy four or five different texts. Discover some ways that ... Read More

Tips for Succeeding in Psychology Classes

Wednesday January 12, 2011
In order to get off to a great start in your psychology classes, your best bet is to take a proactive approach. Don't wait for problems to emerge. Start planning ... Read More

Decide Which Psychology Classes You Should Take

Tuesday January 11, 2011
As you head back to school, it is important to spend some time thinking about the classes you are going to take. Your course selection will depend upon a number ... Read More

Back-to-School Tips for Psychology Students

Monday January 10, 2011
Starting a new semester of school can be exciting, especially if it is your first year of high school or college. While it can be a time of fun, change ... Read More

Biological Perspective - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday January 7, 2011
Definition: The biological perspective is a way of looking at psychological topics by studying the physical basis for animal and human behavior. It is one of the major perspectives in ... Read More

ISTJ - Psychology Definition of the Week

Thursday January 6, 2011
Definition: ISTJ might look like a confusing acronym, but it actually represents one of the 16 personality types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is based upon ... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Psychology Graduate School

Wednesday January 5, 2011
Earning a graduate degree in psychology can open up a whole new world of career opportunities. Before you apply to a graduate program, it is important to first learn the ... Read More
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A Closer Look at Child Psychology

Tuesday January 4, 2011
Child psychology is one of the many branches of psychology and one of the most frequently studied specialty areas. This particular branch focuses on the mind and behavior of children ... Read More
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