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Psychology May 2010 Archive

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Careers with an Undergraduate Degree

Friday May 28, 2010
Where do you begin looking for your first post-college job? Job titles such as psychologist or counselor are reserved for those with a graduate degree in psychology or counseling. ... Read More

Learning and Conditioning Quiz

Wednesday May 26, 2010
Learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior that is the result of experience. During the first half of the twentieth century, the school of thought known as behaviorism rose ... Read More

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Monday May 24, 2010
Are you fretting over your final exams or standardized tests? Do you ever feel so nervous during a test that you can't concentrate on the material or even forget the ... Read More
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False Memory - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday May 21, 2010
Definition:A false memory is a fabricated or distorted recollection of an event that did not actually happen. People often think of memory as something like a video recorder, accurately documenting ... Read More

Surprising Symptoms of Stress

Wednesday May 19, 2010
You've probably heard that stress can weaken immunity and leave you more susceptible to illness, but did you know that Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is another major physical ailment caused ... Read More
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Influential Perception Researcher Richard Gregory Dies

Tuesday May 18, 2010
British psychologist Richard Gregory, a hugely influential figure in the science of perception, passed away May 17, 2010 at the Bristol Royal Infirmary after suffering a stroke a few days ... Read More

Poll: Approximately One-Third Say Pets Listen Better Than Spouses

Monday May 17, 2010
A recent poll by the Associated Press found that more than 30-percent of pet-owning women reported that their pets were better listeners than their husbands. Nearly 20-percent of men polled ... Read More

Psychology Dictionary

Friday May 14, 2010
The Psychology Dictionary has been revised and updated with lots of new terms. Just click the letter that the term starts with, or use the search box in the upper ... Read More
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Evolution 101

Wednesday May 12, 2010
Evolutionary psychology is an important perspective in modern psychology that is focused on the study of how evolution can explain physiological processes. This is a relatively recent perspective to emerge ... Read More
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Important Dates in Psychology History

Monday May 10, 2010
Hermann Ebbinghaus once said, "Psychology has a long past, but a short history." While the foundations of psychology are influenced by both philosophy and physiology, the scientific field of ... Read More
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Study Suggests Childhood Cancer Survivors More Likely to Develop PTSD

Friday May 7, 2010
In a new study published in the May issue of Pediatrics, young adults who survived a childhood cancer were four times more likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than ... Read More

Types of Nonverbal Communication

Wednesday May 5, 2010
Does crossing your arms indicate that you're feeling defensive? Are shifty eyes the mark of a liar? There has been a significant amount of research on nonverbal communication ... Read More
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Episodic Memory - Psychology Definition of the Week

Monday May 3, 2010
Definition: Episodic memory is a category of long-term memory that involves the memory of specific events, situations and experiences. Your first day of school, your first kiss, attending a friend's ... Read More
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