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Psychology February 2010 Archive

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Personality Disorders - Psychology Definition of the Week

Wednesday February 24, 2010
Definition: According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV), a personality disorder is an "enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectation of the individual's ... Read More

How to Edit a Psychology Paper

Monday February 22, 2010
One of the most important steps in writing is editing. Before you complete a psychology paper, it is essential to check your work for spelling, grammar, and style. ... Read More
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Multiple Intelligences - Psychology Definition of the Week

Monday February 15, 2010
Definition: When you hear the word intelligence, the concept of IQ testing may immediately come to mind. Intelligence is often defined as our intellectual potential; something we are born with, ... Read More

Finding Opportunities to Participate in Psychology Research

Friday February 12, 2010
In one of my first undergraduate psychology courses, my professor required 10 hours of participation in psychology research. Participation opportunities were generally posted outside of the psychology classroom and usually ... Read More

Getting Ready for the GRE

Wednesday February 10, 2010
The GRE, or Graduate Record Exam, is required by graduate school admissions committees at most universities in the United States. If you are applying to a psychology graduate school, you ... Read More

Sensorimotor Stage - Psychology Definition of the Week

Thursday February 4, 2010
Definition: In Piaget's stages of cognitive development, a period between birth and age two during which an infant's knowledge of the world is limited to his or her sensory perceptions ... Read More

Teens Are Not Getting Enough Sleep, New Survey Suggests

Monday February 1, 2010
We all know how important sleep is, so why is it that so many people don't get enough? The National Sleep Foundation reports than approximately 50 million American adults suffer ... Read More
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