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Psychology January 2010 Archive

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Visual Cliff - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday January 29, 2010
Definition: A visual cliff involves an apparent, but not actual drop from one surface to another. This tool was originally developed to determine if infants had developed depth perception. A ... Read More
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Free Online Psychology Courses

Wednesday January 20, 2010
If you are interested in learning more about psychology but are unable to enroll at a college or university, there are still plenty of great ways to expand your knowledge. ... Read More

Poll: What's Your Favorite Learning/Study Strategy?

Friday January 15, 2010
Everyone has a unique approach to learning and studying. In today's poll, vote for your favorite technique. If you use a different approach, feel free to describe your method in ... Read More

Who Was Erik Erikson?

Wednesday January 13, 2010
Erik Erikson's early life had a major impact on his theories, especially his emphasis on the importance of gaining a sense of identity. When his biological father abandoned the ... Read More

Consciousness - Psychology Definition of the Week

Monday January 11, 2010
Definition: Consciousness refers to your individual awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations and environment. Your conscious experiences are constantly shifting and changing. For example, in one moment you ... Read More

Before You Buy a Psychology Textbook

Friday January 8, 2010
Buying textbooks for your psychology courses can be very expensive, with some texts costing hundreds of dollars each. Now is a great time to find out which texts you will ... Read More

Specialty Areas in Psychology

Monday January 4, 2010
Psychology is a diverse field with a wide range of career options for graduates. Many work in private practice as clinical psychologists, while others are employed in business or ... Read More
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