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Psychology April 2009 Archive

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Word on the Tip of Your Tongue? Study Suggests You're Better Off Looking Up the Answer

Saturday April 18, 2009
Have you ever been asked a question that you know the answer to, but found yourself struggling to think of the correct word? "Oh, I know this," you might say. ... Read More

Tips for Getting Letters of Recommendation

Wednesday April 15, 2009
Are you planning to apply to a graduate program next year? Then it's a good idea to start planning your application early. While every school has different requirements, you ... Read More
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Carl Rogers Quotes

Monday April 13, 2009
Carl Rogers, one of the preeminent psychologists of the 20th-century, is best known for creating what is known as client-centered therapy, a nondirective approach that places the client in control ... Read More

Avoidant Personality Disorder - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday April 10, 2009
Definition: Avoidant personality disorder is characterized by a chronic and pervasive pattern of distorted thought, emotion, behavior and functioning. This type of personality disorder is thought to affect approximately one-percent ... Read More

Attention - Psychology Definition of the Week

Wednesday April 1, 2009
Definition: According to psychologist and philosopher William James, attention "is the taking possession of the mind, in clear and vivid form, of one out of what may seem several simultaneously ... Read More
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