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Psychology July 2008 Archive

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Problems With Sleep Deprivation - From the Psychology Forums

Saturday July 26, 2008
infinitecuriosity writes: "I have a problem. I seem to have trouble getting myself to bed on time, and end up staying up far to late and having to get up ... Read More

Wordless Wednesday - Freud's Family

Wednesday July 16, 2008
Amalia Freud, Sigmund Freud's Mother
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6 Psychology Careers You Should Consider

Monday July 14, 2008
If you've ever thought about a career in a psychology-related field, then you've probably realized that there are a LOT of different career options within psychology. Of course, each area ... Read More

From the Forum: Megalophopia - Fear of Large Objects

Friday July 11, 2008
Rain Blanken writes: "I was wondering how common the fear of large objects is. I am a pretty fearless person in most regards, but anytime I get near something like ... Read More

Erik Erikson Biography

Monday July 7, 2008
Erik Erikson is one of the best-known thinkers in psychology.Public domain image Erik Erikson's well-known stage theory of psychosocial development helped generate interest and inspire research on human development through the ... Read More
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