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Psychology June 2008 Archive

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Watch Video Of Bandura's Famous Bobo Doll Experiment

Monday June 9, 2008
Albert Bandura's 1961 "Bobo Doll" experiment is one of the most famous in psychology's history. Now you can see video of the experiment with narration provided by Bandura. In this experiment, ... Read More
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Activation-Synthesis Model of Dreaming - Psychology Definition of the Week

Friday June 6, 2008
Definition: The activation-synthesis model is a theory of dreaming developed by researchers J. Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley. First proposed in 1977, this theory suggests that the physiological processes of ... Read More
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Study Suggests It's Okay to Not Share Feelings

Monday June 2, 2008
After a traumatic event, people are often encouraged to talk about what happened and share their experiences or emotions related to the event. Experts often suggest that holding these feelings ... Read More
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