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Psychology July 2007 Archive

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Albert Bandura Biography

Monday July 30, 2007
While many psychology textbooks refer to Albert Bandura as a behaviorist or neo-behaviorist, Bandura describes his own perspective as 'social cognitivism.' His work on observational learning, modeling, and self-efficacy ... Read More

Steps in Psychology Research

Friday July 27, 2007
One of the most frequent requests I receive is for help planning, designing, or researching a psychology study or experiment. Choosing a topic, selecting research methods, and figuring out ... Read More

Albert Ellis (1913-2007)

Wednesday July 25, 2007
Influential psychotherapist and founder of rational emotive behavior therapy, Albert Ellis, died Tuesday at the age of 93 following an extended illness. His work and theories provided the basis ... Read More

New Psychology Quiz

Wednesday July 18, 2007
Check out the latest addition to our growing collection of psychology quizzes. This new 10-question quiz covers Freud's theory of psychosexual development, so be sure to brush up on ... Read More

Borderline Personality Disorder - Symptoms and Treatments

Monday July 16, 2007
According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, an estimated 30.8 millions American adults experience symptoms of at least one personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder affects ... Read More

Today in Psychology History

Thursday July 12, 2007
On this day in psychology in 1882, famous psychotherapy patient Anna O. was transferred from the care of her therapist, Josef Breuer, to a sanatorium in Switzerland. If you ... Read More

What is Behavior Analysis?

Tuesday July 3, 2007
Behavior analysis is rooted in the behaviorist tradition and utilizes learning principles to bring about behavior change. Some branches of psychology strive to understand underlying cognitions, but behavioral psychology ... Read More

Branches of Psychology

Monday July 2, 2007
Psychology is a remarkably diverse subject and a number of different branches have emerged in the study of the brain, mind and behavior. Learn more about each of these ... Read More

New Study on Birth Order and IQ

Sunday July 1, 2007
A new study published in the June 22 issue of Science suggests that first-born children develop slightly higher IQ's that younger siblings. While numerous studies have found a similar ... Read More
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