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Psychology January 2006 Archive

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Personality Psychology Study Guide

Tuesday January 31, 2006
Personality psychology seeks to understand and describe the development of personality. In the new Personality Psychology Study Guide, you will find an overview of personality, a timeline of important ... Read More

Antisocial Personality Disorder - Symptoms and Treatments

Wednesday January 11, 2006
According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 7.6 million American adults suffer from antisocial personality disorder. According to some critics, the DSM diagnostic criteria are ... Read More

Keeping Resolutions - The Maintenance Stage

Tuesday January 3, 2006
After you have successfully made a change, you have to work to maintain this new behavior. The maintenance stage can be the most difficult, especially for those who are ... Read More

New Study Finds That Antidepressants Cut Suicide Risk

Monday January 2, 2006
In a study sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health, U.S. researchers have found that antidepressant drugs reduce suicide risk in both teenagers and adults. These findings, published ... Read More

Keeping Resolutions - The Action Stage

Sunday January 1, 2006
Once you are well prepared, it is time to take action towards reaching your goals. During the action stage, you should congratulate and reward yourself for any positive changes ... Read More
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