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Psychology December 2005 Archive

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Keeping Resolutions - The Preparation Stage

Saturday December 31, 2005
Once you have decided to change, the preparation stage begins. Resolutions often fail when sufficient preparations have not been made. During this time, you might begin testing the ... Read More

Keeping Resolutions - The Contemplation Stage

Friday December 30, 2005
Are you thinking about making a life change? If so, you have reached the contemplation phase of the Stages of Change model. Unfortunately, it is during this time ... Read More

Keeping Resolutions - The Precontemplation Stage

Thursday December 29, 2005
The initial period in the Stages of Change Model is known as precontemplation. During this time, people usually are unaware that their behavior is disruptive or are unwilling to ... Read More

Psychology History Resources

Tuesday December 27, 2005
On this day in psychology history: 1571 - Johannes Kepler was born. Kepler first proposed that the retina was the location of visual reception. 1791 - The state of Maryland first ... Read More

Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure Means More Cognitive Problems in Old Age

Thursday December 22, 2005
Study underscores another key reason to control hypertension ”Washington–People with high blood pressure and their doctors have a new reason to work at controlling this common but high-risk condition: As ... Read More

Retailers Use Psychology to Sell More

Tuesday December 20, 2005
U.S. retailers have studied various ways to get customers to stay longer in stories and buy more -- using psychology. "Most shoppers turn right, probably because most are right-handed. The right-hand ... Read More

What Is ADHD?

Thursday December 8, 2005
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common psychiatric conditions affecting children. Nearly 2 million children in the U.S. suffer from ADHD, yet the symptoms that ... Read More

APA Offers Spanish Language Materials

Friday December 2, 2005
The American Psychological Association's (APA) online help center now provides mental health materials in Spanish. The site features information on school, work, relationships, and other issues. ... Read More
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